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It looks like Netflix's 'Gilmore Girls' reboot is a go! Stars Hollow has been resurrected!

Gilmore Girls fans, hold onto your hats! The very first photos of Netflix's revival of the beloved series have leaked online and they are sort of spoilery! It looks like some of our favorite places in Stars Hollow are well underway to being reopened and we could not be more excited.

From Miss Patty's Dance Studio to Kim's Antique Shop, it's all there. The photos appeared online after a Twitter user posted them from her recent visit to the WB lot. Warner Bros. hasn't confirmed much of anything in regards to the much anticipated Gilmore Girls reboot, but these photos suggest some formal announcement or news may be coming shortly! EEEEEKKK!

This is real life, people.

The best mother-daughter duo out there will once again grace our screens (hopefully) and all will be right in the world. There hasn't been ANY official announcements on the show, much less casting, but I honestly can't see how they could even consider doing a reboot without Rory and Lorelai. That would just be insanity! Still, I shall cross my fingers until we hear it from Netflix or Warner Bros.!

Remind yourself of how perfect it was with some serious nostalgia:

Until then, here are some things I simply must have from the Gilmore Girls reboot:

  • Rory single and ready to mingle: Rory spent all seven seasons of the show going from boyfriend to boyfriend, and truthfully I loved it. She was young and trying to figure out what she wanted. Well, now she will be older and wiser, and I would love to see Rory's journey in finding what she wants now that she knows! Also, it would be pretty awesome too if it leads her to an old flame, a.k.a. Jess, her one true love.
  • Luke and Lorelai married: There is no Lorleai without Luke and vice versa. We are past their relationship drama and they need to just be happy and together. I won't stand for anything else, don't test me.
  • Melissa McCarthy: I will be devastated if the clumsiest most sweetest chef of all time in Star Hollow does not make an appearance. Melissa's Sookie was one of the best characters on the show, hands down. I know Melissa is a big movie star now, but I still have hopes that she isn't too big to come back to her roots!
  • Luke's Diner: It better still be Luke's Diner and Rory and Lorelai better still meet there for coffee and dinner like every day.
  • What happened to Richard: This needs to be explained. Sadly, actor Edward Herrmann who played Lorelai's father passed away since the show's end, and I don't want the show to ignore his absence. I would like to see them incorporate his passing into the show and pay tribute to Richard Gilmore as he deserves!

Even if I don't get everything on my list, I am filled with feels looking at these set photos! If you are not a Gilmore Girls fan, I must assume you live a dark empty life with no joy because Gilmore Girls was and is the source of all joy in the world! Now let us all have a prayer circle so that the show will include its original main cast members and also starts soon, because I just need it in my life again A.S.A.P.

Until then, if anyone judges you for your high-pitched squealing over Gilmore Girls coming back into your life, just explain to them...


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