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When I was young, I really thought I was the bomb-diggidy when I learned how to make Freddie fingers out of my notebook paper, like this:

Then, I graduated to paper gliders:

And ninja stars...Oh yes, the coolest of the cool kids made these:

But none of that is anything compared to what Marc Hagan-Guirey can do with a sheet of paper!

With an x-acto knife, metal ruler, a cutting mat, some skewers and his 2 hands, he takes regular blank 8x11 sheets of paper and makes, well, this!

Note: some pieces of his work are so damn awesome, two or more shots from different angles to show them off they need.

Princess Leia giving R2D2 the plans to the Death Star

The Carbonite freezing chamber

The bunker on Endor

The battle of Hoth

The Millenium Falcon

Jabba's barge

All are very, VERY cool! He makes these using a method known as kirigami, a cousin of origami, just with cutting instead of folding. He's even doing a kickstarter page to help get funding so he can make this an exhibit! And, of course, he has a Facebook page.

Let me know what you thought of this work in the comments section below!


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