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Sam Plank

Do you like making movies, but lack the budget of J.J. Abrams?

Do you want to be in movies, but can't act or narrate like Morgan Freeman?

Well, thanks to the power of the internet, you can come pretty close! There are many, many ways to recreate the sound effects from the Star Wars movies. Except Jar Jar Binks. Nobody wants to recreate that. Here are a few insider tips to get your next fan made Star Wars movie going!

Slinkies = Laser Blasters!

How you can accidentally make lightsabers sound fx!

Hot girl shows you how to be Chewbacca! (Fellas will like this'll see why)

Want to make R2D2's sounds, and a whole crapload of other Star Wars sounds? Get this bird!

Do you want to be a Tauntaun? Get an Asian sea otter and pitch down his whine!

Want to fly a Tie Fighter?

Get an elephant to roar, and electronically stretch it out!

Moves like Mick Jagger? More like breath like Darth Vader! Watch this uber-star wars nerdy-guy:

Or, just hire James Earl Jones-

Sorry, but I have no idea how to get you started with the visual're on your own there. But take this knowledge, and get started making those fan films!


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