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I would have written this article sooner had I realized that there was the overwhelming opinion that the mystery girl at the end of Supergirl's most recent episode 'Blood Bonds', was Bizarro-girl. Now, obviously I could be wrong about my theory, as I am not some hack clairvoyant gypsy, and the prevailing opinion could be right; that the mystery girl is some version of Bizarro-girl. Which many people believe to be the case, due to the report that Arrow creator Andrew Kreisberg said on Kevin Smith's podcast, that they would be bringing Bizarro into Supergirl.

Doesn't she remind you of a Deadite?
Doesn't she remind you of a Deadite?

While I do believe this is probably true, I do not believe that is who the 'Jane Doe' that is shown in the last shot of the episode is.

Sleeping Beauty (with Demon eyes!)
Sleeping Beauty (with Demon eyes!)

Like I said though, I'm sure they will eventually bring out Bizarro or Bizarro-girl, but I think that what they are doing with this mystery character is actually making a cyborg-Supergirl. I had not heard the Bizarro news when I first watched this episode, therefore my expectations were not poisoned by pre-exposure. And when I first watched this episode my immediate thought was that they would be doing a Cyborg-Supergirl. Which I just learned was actually already a thing, when doing some research. Go figure.

Pretty Bad@ss, right?
Pretty [email protected], right?


Now the main reason I think this is the case is because of the mise-en-scène. The entire scene is set up in such a way that you really have no clue what the purpose of the girl is. However, that is not entirely true as there is one clue that is quite obvious, and that is...

Red Tornado's arm
Red Tornado's arm

Red Tornado's Arm

Red Tornado in the comics is an android created by T.O. Morrow (cheesy name right?) to do Morrow's bidding. But the robot becomes sentient, and grows a conscience, becomes a good guy, then a loyal member of the Justice League, and yada, yada, yada, the point is they are both dead in the show (presumably) and we pretty much lost out on any chances of that happening. But is it really that much of a loss, when you consider how crummy the costume was. I mean you may have been surprised to have just learned that Red Tornado was an android, considering he looked more like a dork in foam Halloween costume armor, wearing red-face.

But that is irrelevant because the importance of this shot is that it is foreshadowing the fact that that cybernetic technology will have a role to play in the reanimation of the Jane Doe corpse, a la Cyborg-Supergirl. So trust me on this one people, I could be wrong, but why else have the android's arm being projected in that room?

Another thing is that Bizarro if I remember correctly, is a clone of Superman. And in this case I would imagine Supergirl. But this Jane Doe character is a different person from Kara entirely and is also dead. So it is not too much of a stretch to imagine that Morrow's Red Tornado technology could be used to bring this girl back to life as a cyborg.

Oh well, we'll soon find out in the coming episodes of Supergirl.

A Few More Things

I did notice another New 52 reference which I think is great, they are fun to look out for if you know they are a thing. That is why on The Flash there are 52 breaches, and on Arrow there is a channel 52. It's a fun reference to The New 52, whether you like it or not.

Ahh! 52!
Ahh! 52!


There are always a few things on Supergirl that I am annoyed by, but I'm only going to mention this one for the sake of brevity. The instant messaging between Kara and Clark has to stop or change drastically. Their conversations are so awkward and impersonal, do they not have phones or the ability to meet up with each other almost instantly. I mean seriously, I want to see Ol' Supes on the show as much as the next person, but not like this, this is terrible.

I understand that the show runners are afraid Superman would overshadow Kara, but it's just so weird how he is so willing to "respect" her feelings or some other poor reasoned nonsense. I mean let's get real here she is not going to have time to go instant message Clark, when she actually needs him. Also there conversations seem so fake, I wouldn't be surprised if she wasn't just talking to some creepy would be predator. For goodness sake, just cast someone as Kent already!

Okay, well that's all. Feel free to vote.


What villain do you think Jane Doe will become?


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