ByChristian Jenkinson, writer at
Christian Jenkinson

I wonder if it is just me who has noticed facial similarities between Snoke, and Maz Kanata ? Let's look at further evidence to support this theory...

When we first see Snoke, he appears gigantic. This is later revealed to be what appears to be a hologram. Many have theorized that this is a misdirection on Snoke's behalf to hide his diminutive size. This would definitely fit in with a recurring theme in Star Wars, i.e. "Judge me by my size, do you ?" (think Yoda, the Ewoks, etc.). With this in mind, he could actually be a similar size to Maz. Snoke also appears to be of a species that is long lived (and we know that Maz is at least 1000 years old). The giant hologram, Snoke's scars and Maz's goggles all seem to be deflecting away from the similarities between them.

I actually wonder if he could be her son ? I like the idea that many hundreds of years ago, she had a son who became such a powerful, negative force in the galaxy. It's possible that she realized that however strong she was in the force, she was no match for him, so perhaps decided to use her piracy to undermine him in more subtle ways ? After having lived for over 1000 years, I am sure that she has learnt many subtle skills which she can harness.

There is no doubt that these two characters will become far more important in the subsequent films, and it'd be interesting to see if any of my theories hold true.


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