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This is a film centered around EDM (Electronic Dance Music) culture. And the thing about this film is that EDM is used as a ploy to drag the young 18-22 year old demographic into this film. It is a shallow, uninteresting, by the books drama that takes a little too long to get going, but the destination is a film which explores for 96 minutes the problems white people living in LA have to deal with.

Zac Efron stars as Cole Carter, a superbly uninteresting character who wants to make it big as a DJ in LA. He lives in San Fernando Valley and him and his posse of friends promote some club where they get free drinks and Cole DJ's a side room. He then meets James Reed, portrayed by Wes Bentley, who is an alcoholic, party going DJ who mentors Cole to create EDM. I heard about this film a long time and thought it had an interesting premise and was something a little different than what we normally get. Since EDM culture is so frowned upon by anyone who's isn't 18-22, I thought it would of been a fair outlook on what people that age get up to music wise. Instead you treated to pieces of this culture, bound together by a cringe worthy story all wrapped up in an ugly box.

Zac Efron as Cole Carter
Zac Efron as Cole Carter

Across the board, the acting is stiff and just not all that believable, excluding Wes Bentley who is the best thing about this movie. Cole is just a meathead DJ. There's nothing else I can say about his character, that's literally it. Emily Ratajkowski as Sophie just did not convince me at all and slowed down the film whenever she appeared. Cole's friends were annoying and the scene with Squirrel is a prime example of shoehorned sympathy I've seen in a long time.

There's not a whole lot I can say about this film instead that I'm gonna forget about it very, very quickly. But some positives were Wes Bentley himself. He did okay, he looked better surrounded by shit but that's good for him. The film was shot quite nicely, was easy on the eyes I guess. And the music was quite nice. Different genres of house was nice to see here and there. And there you have it. I feel the plot of this movie may have been ripped from a real DJ experience posted on Tumblr that Max Joseph must of seen and just adapted. It's just so horribly bland I can't explain.

. Soundtrack
. Wes Bentley
. It looks serviceable

. Everyone else in the cast.
. The story
. The Script
. First World Problems everywhere


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