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In this article, I am going to write about Picollo and what Dragon Ball Super might have in store for him. Picollo is like one of the most important Dragon Ball character and almost everyone loves him. In-fact Picollo is Akira Toriyama’s most favorite character. If you are the type of person who hates Picollo you are an idiot.

Since, the very beginning Piccolo was a character that stood apart everyone else. Since, the first time we saw him as Kid Piccolo on Dragon Ball. He had a lot of impact. And the type of scary descriptions we got from Kami and Popo added a lot to him. And eventually he was the final opponent of the Dragon Ball series. And it goes without saying he was the best.

Kid Picollo
Kid Picollo

Even in Dragon Ball Z Piccolo always got important roles. He is the one who beamed Raditz to death which however killed Goku too. He is the one who made Gohan who he was at his prime. Besides, one of the finest moments of Dragon Ball Z was when Piccolo officially transformed into a selfless good guy. When he sacrificed himself for Gohan and proved that not even a bit of evil was in him.

Now, currently we are watching a new series of Dragon Ball. And till now we saw Picollo sacrificed himself again for Gohan and from Manga we know he is in the Universe 7 team. Which is great? I mean how many saiyan do you want to see fighting in the same team?

Picollo being a namek will bring a lot of variation. Who doesn’t like his way of fighting. The style, arm regenerating, epic entrances and dialogues and so much more.

However, the question is how strong will Piccolo be in the tournament? He and Buu obviously got some special training for the tournament. And I believe it about time Piccolo get a huge power boost. Do you guys remember the time Piccolo turned into Super Namek after fusing with Kami? Having previously fused with Nail?

His power level increased unbelievably. He even got stronger than a super saiyan at that point.

According To Dragon Ball Wiki, Super Nameks (超ナメック星人) are Namekians who manage to unlock their abilities and achieve seemingly insurmountable powers. Super Nameks are not fundamentally a different type of Namekian, simply very powerful Namekians. However, most Super Nameks are susceptible to corruption and have misused their power in the past.
Super Namek Picollo
Super Namek Picollo

And from history Super Nameks were mostly the evil type of namkes. Like, Lord Slug.

So, since Picollo didn’t get any power boost in Buu saga. And because Picollo started to train again can we hope that he will get some sort of new transformation. And I believe Picollo as an iconic Dragon Ball character deserves to get stronger at this point.

Now, the question is how will he power up? Will he be Super Namek 2 or 3. Or could did he also get Godly Ki’s like Goku and Vegeta. Though, some fans might feel something like this would to much. I personally believe a Super Namek God would be one of the coolest things Super can possibly offer us.

No matter what happen I really hope that he won’t just be a feeder for the tournament. I just want to see him fighting his opponent toe to toe.

Well, guys for now all we can do is wait and hope for the best to happen.

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