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Warning, this post may contain Episode VII Spoilers.

After reviewing some of the lore for Star Wars, and amalgamating a string of rumors, one speculation bubbles to the surface.

Firstly, we know Darth Bane somehow exists in this canon due to the Sith Rule of II being quoted by Master Yoda in the original trilogy. Similarly, Star Wars development recently released a list of planets addressed by the new film found here:

Amongst those planets, peculiarly is Moraband (Darth Bane's word for Korriban, the Sith Homeworld). Darth Bane is famous for, among other things, recovering the Sith Holocron/Datacron of Darth Reven. Darth Reven is supposed to be Darth Revan, the protagonist from Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR).

The Planet, Rakata Prime, in the list of planets above is, literally, inseparable from Darth Revan, to the point of near synonymity. To separate one from the other would leave either with nothing of significance -- a basic guarantee that Revan is somehow linked to the new movies.

Also, lesser observed, but of similar importance is the fact that Dantooine is present in the map, a world specifically invented for KOTOR, exclusively for the Revan Story Arc. Likewise, Kashyyk, and Tatooine are present, of high significance to KOTOR.

What do all these planets, Darth Revan, and Luke Skywalker have in common?

Star Maps.

Rakata Prime was undiscoverable except for by Star Maps (which came in several pieces), Luke is on an oceanic planet with archipelagos, the only version of Rakata Prime ever seen. Rakata Prime looks about as distant from the Galactic Core as the world Luke ended up on.

The fact that the Star Maps came in pieces, aligns with the incompleteness of R2-D2's, which lacked a final piece. The pieces to the KOTOR map were located across these planets:

  • Dantooine
  • Tatooine
  • Kashyyk
  • Korriban/Moraband
  • Manaan.

Of the latter, only Manaan is absent, but, as we see with Moraband, pseudonyms could obscure whether it is actually on the list, without us knowing.

As far as possibilities are concerned, the Planet "Kuat" is situated in a perfectly reasonable location, considering the SWTOR Galaxy Map, putting it just outside of the core worlds, the same respectful location to Correllia and Courascant.

If the Revan Theory is true, the idea that Snoke is Darth Bane is HIGHLY reinforced, but that identity is almost immaterial next to the implications of Luke tracing the path of Revan to Rakata Prime.

Lastly, everybody knows the Anakin Prophecy is far too small with respect to how we interpret it, if the force were brought to balance, it were done so by a relatively small occurrence in retrospect to Galactic history, pretty run of the mill, with some looming incompleteness (obviously by the fact that Snoke even exists). A possible synopsis concludes that the force is not at balance, and Anakin was not the chosen one, but Luke might be.

My bet (considering, also, the planet, Mandalore, where Revan got his mask, and, effectually, his identity during the Mandalorian Wars) is we haven't seen the end of Revan's tale just yet...


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