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When we all first heard about Fox getting the rights they have long craved to showcase their X-Men properties on TV, many people wondered what Marvel had gotten in the deal for allowing them to do this, and the majority of people suspected they might have received the Fantastic Four rights, which seem to be a bit of a poison apple for Fox. However, it was confirmed Marvel didn't get this, and for a while that disappointment reduced the excitement for the Marvel based TV shows that Fox had announced, named Legion and Hellfire.

Well fortunately, just to keep our heads buzzing with excitement for even more superhero television, we finally have a little casting announcement to make for Legion. First though, let's remind ourselves what we know so far about this show.


For those avid X-Men readers, the term Legion is an instant alarm bell, because it signifies David Haller, the long lost son of Charles Xavier himself. Indeed, that is who the show is set to be about.

David Haller will be a diagnosed schizophrenic, who realizes that he may not be ill at all. He quickly learns that he is actually an extremely powerful mutant. In the comics David struggled to control his powers for a long time because each side of his personality controlled a different set of powers. The interesting question about the show is will Xavier be his father? And if so, who is his mother?

Well... it's pretty unlikely.
Well... it's pretty unlikely.

Anyway, the show is set to be pretty amazing with the likes of John Cameron and Jeph Loeb producing, as well as Noah Hawley (Fargo) writing. Now, onto the casting!

The casting that has been announced for the show hasn't actually been for David Haller himself. It was announced as an unnamed female lead for the series. The casting should come as no surprise to fans of the FX series Fargo, which both producer John Cameron and writer Noah Hawley work on, as it is none other than Rachel Keller, who recently played femme fatale Simone Gerhardt in the second season. It was her first big role, so it is only a little surprising that she has been given the lead in an important superhero series.

Simone Gerhardt
Simone Gerhardt

The interesting thing about the casting is we can't really complain or approve without knowing who she is meant to be playing. So let's have a little guess at who it could be!

Now, the only thing we know so far is that Keller's character is a "20-something girl who is scrappy and optimistic." While we do not know for sure if she will have powers yet, it does seem quite likely, and she is rumored to have powers that involve human touch. Here are a couple of possibilities!


I'll get the obvious out of the way. Rogue is unlikely, because we have seen her already and the showrunners will want to introduce new mutants and new characters to the people watching. So why did I put her down? Well you think about X-Men and human touch powers and you think Rogue. It is possible, as the comic book version of the character looks somewhat similar to Rachel Keller, but I doubt it.


Failing the whole human touch aspect of the powers, because honestly there really aren't many that are so specific, let's just begin to name really popular female mutants that haven't yet appeared and could potentially be played by Keller. Domino is one such mutant, with probability manipulation powers, as well as enhanced reflexes and being a total badass. I have put her in because I think it would be a great dynamic to see David Haller, an incredibly powerful mutant who can't control his powers getting dragged around by a badass female character who he is kind of scared of, but also attracted to.


Or you could just have a really strange, really fun character. Dazzler is a trained singer, dancer and performer, and can also shoot light beams of various intensities when she chooses. It would be hilarious to have this dreamy character who could be a superhero but wants to be a pop star instead in the show, and her upbeat personality would be the perfect contrast to David and his (I'm just guessing here) moody disposition.


Hear me out. I know it is a long shot for Polaris to be introduced, but why the hell not? Who better to team up with the son of Charles Xavier than the daughter of Magneto? Polaris is sister to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, who have enough versions of themselves running in the MCU. She can manipulate magnetic fields and fly, so that's a pretty cool power set to have on the show. Plus the dynamic between those two characters and their conflicting personalities would be awesome to see on screen.

Or Someone Else?

It is entirely possible that the character will not have mutant powers, and will be a totally normal human being which we have never seen in the comics. Or it is possible that the writers will make up their own character with new mutant powers. It is also possible that it is someone we have seen in the comics, who has mutant powers, and I simply didn't have them on my list.

In the meantime check out the trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse!

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Who Do You Think Keller is Playing in Legion?


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