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Two and a Half Men will go down in TV history as one of the best in comedy entertainment, hands down. The show received monster ratings, glamorous reviews and its actors received heaps of acclaim, awards and a good wad of dollar.

But when something is as much of a cultural staple as that show was in its prime, it's nigh impossible that it could remain unscathed by any controversies.

Of course you know what I'm talking about, Charlie Sheen's infamous premature leaving of the show was reported on so much at the time that none of us have really forgotten it. To the point where some people say Charlie's leaving overshadowed the remaining seasons during which Ashton Kutcher joined the one and a half men still on set, as billionaire Walden Schmidt.

The show bumbled along until it came to its moderately quiet conclusion in 2015 before finally being put to bed.

In the final few seasons we saw less and less of the cute fifth of the cast (math fraction skills still coming in handy). In case I got my fractions wrong or you don't know what I'm talking about, I mean cute little Jake, played by actor Angus Jones, who over the 10 years or so of the show's running, became a man of his own.

Angus is now 22 years old and a student at the University of Colorado. He's got a full-on man's beard and long hair, which perfectly suit his student-y persona.

He has also become very religious and has developed a new outlook on life in line with his newfound Christian faith. A few years ago, Jones revealed in an interview that he felt like a 'paid hypocrite' for continuing his role in Two and a Half Men.

"Jake from '2 and a Half Men' means nothing, he is a non-existent character, if you watch '2 and a Half Men' please stop watching '2 and a Half Men"

Angus is open to talking about his relationship with religion and finding God:

“I really wanna be able to come into the light, because that’s where genuine helping is and I’ve seen God do amazing things.”

In a world where child stars in Hollywood often get into bad habits or lose themselves amongst the wrong people (Lindsay, Britney, Bieber, this list gets longer), it seems that living a pious life and becoming a Christian has helped Angus stay level-headed and focused. For that I think his decision is respectable.

Angus has kept a low profile since the ending of Two and a Half Men, but when asked about whether his acting days are completely behind him, he said he'd be up for "a few productions [to do with] bible-based stories." But it does appear that Angus is happy taking time out, commenting on his professional hiatus as an actor:

“[It's] putting some perspective on the time that I had, and the thoughts I had when I was in it.”


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