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Dancing the night away with Prince Charming sounds like a dream come true, but even in the fairytales, doing so while wearing a comfortable pair of shoes is simply out of the question.

Sorry Cinderella, but the 2015 article “Cinderella’s Shattered Dreams" featured in Journal of Physics Special Topics, posits the gorgeous footwear gifted to you after a quick verse from "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" would have to be returned to the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boutique in real life.


The study conducted by Samaratunga, Tonks, Ahmed and Sadhra at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Leicester, revealed that the likelihood of Cinderella's glass slippers staying intact is pretty much impossible.

Even given the princess' slight frame and smaller shoe size, the heel size shown in the 1950 film and pressure from dancing or running away from the ball would surely shatter the shoes.

determined for; standing, walking and running in them. While the glass heel can be any height and not break while standing, the height of the heel while walking was between 3.44cm and 13.8cm and running was between 1.15cm and 4.61cm. As Cinderella ran away from the prince at midnight the height the heel can safely be is 1.15cm; this is much smaller than is often depicted.

In case this study still isn't enough to shatter your dreams of ballroom dancing in a pair of glass heels, other researchers have also come to the same conclusion. Antariksh Bothale, a Mechanical Engineering masters graduate who took the time to discuss the subject on Quora, used a similar equation to calculate the compressive stress on her shoes and their ability to withstand a certain amount of weight and activity.

He states, like the other study, that the shoes could be worn, but that the force put onto her heels while walking or dancing would put her at a high risk of breaking the entire shoe and ending her night in the emergency room instead of kissing her future husband.

To be fair, Cinderella's glass slippers were magically formed by a wave of her fairy godmother's wand, so the laws of physics likely don't apply here. Also, with today's technology and advances in science, we might be able to use bullet-proof glass or something to make it work.

Still, this should make the rest of us think twice before heading asking a glassblower to fashion you a new pair of heels. Besides, some versions of Cinderella's story don't even use glass for the slippers, but fur and gold instead. Some comfortable faux fur slippers are far more my style anyway.


Would you still take the risk of wearing the glass slippers?
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