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I won't screw with you on this one: those of us who are big fans of Arrow and The Flash love a good crossover episode, but after the last pair of crossovers were devoted to setting up Legends of Tomorrow it seemed like we weren't getting our fill of Flash-Arrow team-ups... until now.

David Ramsey, who portrays John Diggle on Arrow, has recently taken to Instagram to drop a huge spoiler. We will be getting a crossover... and soon. Do you think this is too good to be true? Well, let's turn to Ramsey himself!

As you can see above, Ramsey has payed a visit to the writers room of The Flash. We have absolutely no idea what they talked about, but Ramsey's caption gives us a hell of a hint:

"Made a visit to theflash writers room.. Can only mean one thing.. arrow&theflash."

David Ramsey doesn't reveal a lot in his post, but he really doesn't need to. For those of us who thought we could only expect a single crossover a year, we've been proven completely wrong. Ramsey's presence in the writers room for The Flash means that they're discussing scripts!

The last crossover event, with a pair of episodes entitled 'Legends of Today' and 'Legends of Yesterday,' was simply spectacular. However, it was used as a means of introducing to Legends of Tomorrow spin-off series which was unfortunate for the two hit CW programs.

Arrrow, The Flash.
Arrrow, The Flash.

Fortunately, the speedster and the vigilante are teaming up once more and we won't have long to wait! Are you excited?

Check out the trailer for Legends of Tomorrow.



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