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Now, for a character who was so widely hated by fans that they voted (albeit controversially) to kill him off back in 1988, Jason Todd sure has done well for himself.

Having been brought back to life (thanks to a 'Prime' version of Superboy, the Lazarus pit... and a fair bit of plot contrivance), the one-time Robin soon went from comic book pariah to fan favorite, donning the guise of the Red Hood and rapidly becoming one of the most popular anti-heroes around.

And yet, despite rumors that he could be set for an appearance in the burgeoning DC Cinematic Universe, Hollywood still hasn't come calling for the - surprisingly beloved - Todd.

And so...

The Fans Have Taken Red Hood's Filmic Fate into Their Own Hands

Specifically, a not-for-profit web series has turned up on Kickstarter, are intending to bring the Red Hood to the (live-action) screen for the first time. One in which, it seems, we'd get to see a distinctly fan-friendly take on the anti-hero, in which:

"Red Hood abandons the Outlaws and disappears. A year and a half later Batman vanishes from Gotham city without a trace. Six months after Batman's disappearance Jason returns to Gotham City to investigate. Jason discovers big time assassins are being called in by a mysterious employer. Jason starts pursuing possible angles about Batman which leads him to Deadshot, one of the assassins that has been spotted in the city. Jason uncovers a difficult truth about a close friend and starts investigating these claims. Roy Harper (formerly of the Outlaws) joins once again with Red Hood and together they fight there (sic) way to the truth."

Which... actually sounds like exactly the sort of thing fans of Todd could very much get behind. If that's you, you can help finance the project right here, or check out the announcement video just below...



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