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There has been much anticipation about the upcoming Batman V Superman film which has been almost 3 years in the making. There's been a great deal of speculation that it will not just be any ordinary comic book film but something special that will set new standards as the Dark Knight did in 2008. Lets examin why this film has the potential to be great.

The writers: Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer

Goyer has written some great movies, his greatest work to date probably being the Dark Knight trilogy. Now Chris Terrio came on board after Affleck was cast as Batman, he pretty much re-wrote much of the screen play Goyer had drafted with his own character driven idea's at the forfront, this in turn made the film from an action thriller to a drama where the action remained but the characters had depth and audiences could "bond" with them. The Terrio re-write did delay the films initial release date from 2015 to 2016 but having an Oscar winning screen writer like him on board certainly pushed this aspect of the film to a very high level.


The Director: Zack Snyder

Snyder has he own style that people either love or hate, his knowledge and experience with cinematography make his film visiually unique(Watchmen/300). Snyder is relatively new to hollywood but the few movies he has produced may not have been the highest grossing ever but they were unique and most importantly unforgettable.

Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder

The Music: Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL

These two composers are probably the best two cinematic composers around. Oscar winner Zimmer has created some inconic scores for movies such as Gladiator,The Lion King,The Dark Kight Triliogy, Intersteller etc.... The backing score alone from the BvS previews we've had have set the tone. Junkie XL brings another element to the BvS score with his own style. Having worked with Zimmer previously they are sure to produce some amazing stuff that will really add to the film.

Junkie XL & Hans Zimmer
Junkie XL & Hans Zimmer

The Cast

The cast delivers an amazing array of tallented actors of both cinema and stage. Cavill's preformance in MoS was a bit souless/wodden but from what i've heard he has certainly stepped up a level for BvS and his interactions with Affleck will be something to look forward to. The preformance from the whole cast has been described as outstanding with all preforming at their best for this film. There's not much else i can say on this as its something that words can't describe and you will have to watch them in action for yourself.

The Criticism

Despite the film not being released yet it has already be praised and critised despite the general public not knowing the content of the film apart from the self created story many have in their head based on the trailors and gossip they have read.

Once criticism was that the final trailor showed too much, those who say that have no idea of the character depth and surprises that await. Another critism is that there is too much in the film or its too crowded, this again is a delusion, the film maintains a good steady pace throughout with big surprises at the end that will leave you wanting more. The genius of Snyder means its a film you can watch over and over again and learn/notice something new every time.

The only critism i have is the finial cut of the film was 4 hours, this was reduced to 3 and a bit hours for the screening to WB and DC execs but it was then cut further to a litle below 2.5 hours so i hope nothing important is lying on the cutting room floor.


This film, made of award winning writers Goyer & Terrio, a genius director Synder, a dynamic cast and with the war drums of Zimmer beating in the background is sure to be a hit not just with the general audiance but with critics as well. A note to those who criticise: You have no idea whats coming, after seeing the film you will eat your arrogant/ignorant words

This is the begining of something special....


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