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Spoilers ahead

As we have seen in the new trailer for The Walking Dead mid-season 6 premiere we now know that Daryl hands his gun over to some guy in the saviors group and said guy aims Daryl's gun over to his right where Sasha and Abraham stand.

We know that Abraham has gone a bit crazy and almost died in Episode 6x06 trying to get an RPG from a walker dangling off of a bridge and could've died also everyone from Abraham fords group is still alive (that we know as a character) so they still need to kill off one person or more and we already have 2 bad-ass characters we don't need a third one so Abraham seems like the person to kill (if the guy even does kill anyone) and then Sasha has also had a turning point and before she was crazy but she is not anymore and whenever the show gets you to like a character they kill the character so Sasha is becoming a liked character now and she would also be good to kill off.

Spoilers ahead

Now my Group A predictions:

As we saw before Sam says mom over and over again and (prediction time) Sam gets nocked into a walker and starts to cry and then yells mom and because he blew his cover walkers pounce on home and tear him to pieces and then Jessie screams because her son is dead and then she gets pulled in by walkers and grabs on to Carl ,Jessie won't let go so Rick chops off her arm with a hatchet and Ron fused with anger forgets what Rick said about shooting only raises the gun half way and shoots Carl's eye Carl turns and says dad Rick then looks to see Carl missing an eye (insert theme song here).


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