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WARNING! This may contain spoilers from Star Wars Episodes 5 & 7

It's a known fact that we live in a technological age. Where, if you want to write something, whether it be a comment, an option or a full fledged article, you only need something connected to the internet to do so and the whole world (or at least the people connected to the internet) will be able to hear you out. Although such easy communication has a lot of benefits, like being able to wish your great grandfather happy birthday from five timezones away instantly, it also has a couple of problems.


Spoilers are one of the biggest problems fans have to deal with. Even the most careful of fans may, accidentally, stumble onto a plot shattering spoiler which may ruin a film or book you had been eagerly waiting to watch or read. Even if you go to a premier showing you have to be careful, because of time differences, while you're still watching the opening credits someone somewhere else could already be watching the closing credits. So internet going fans have become wary of not only finding spoilers and but also of, accidentally, revealing spoilers themselves.

However, there are certain spoilers that, for most of us, have stopped becoming spoilers, they have just come to us like natural known facts. So this is my question: when does a spoiler stop becoming a spoiler?

Yes, I am looking at you Star Wars. This series is the best example. I admit I only recently watched the original trilogy, but throughout the whole time I would look at Darth Vader and eagerly await the iconic line 'I am your father.' Although it was still an amazing scene, it wasn't the great cinematic revelation is had been in 1980 because it became such a commonly known fact that fans no longer consider it a spoiler to reveal it.

But! (and here is the spoiler for Episode 7) If I were to tell you that a certain main character were to not survive to the end of the film, the internet would probably break and I'd find crudely written graffiti all over my house. So the idea of a spoiler ruining the plot does really exist.

So when did the most iconic revelation in cinematic history stop being a spoiler? You might say it's because Epiode 5 came out a couple of decades ago while Episode 7 came out a few months ago. But, I don't think this should be the case. A spoiler should always remain a spoiler and not assumed to be known as not to ruin the magic and suspense of what is being watched or read. It's been a couple of years since Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince came out, so does it mean it's ok for me to say what happens to a certain long bearded wizard. Or, it's only been a few days since the last Walking Dead episode, so it's not okay for me to say who died?

I believe just because it's been a couple of years since an film or book came out, it doesn't give us a right to spoil. So remember young Padawans, revealing spoilers is forever a big no no and, if we insist on revealing them, leave warnings for the unsuspecting reader so that we do not destroy the magic of the plot he or she has yet to read or watch.


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