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I'll put my hand on heart and say that Fallout 4 has made me flail around in fear when I'm playing alone in the silently dark late/early hours of the day. And I know I'm not alone, right?

But I don't think anything the game can throw at me is as unsettling and ridiculous as this brand new Fallout 4 mod. With it comes the promise of being thrust into battle against five Thomas the Tank Engines with a bloodlust that is better reserved for a pack of rampant feral ghouls.

Unsettling and very awesome.

Death has a name: Thomas
Death has a name: Thomas

The FO4 mod — called Really Useful Fallout — has been brought to us by who else than trainwiz, the same hero who tarnished childhoods by turning all of Skyrim's dragons into the infamous engine.

"It had the devil in its eyes!"
"It had the devil in its eyes!"

But where this mod is different is an array of models — Vertibirds, missiles, mini-nukes, Liberty Primes and friggin' Deathclaws to name a few — have all been reskinned to fit the iconic red and blue.

Here's the madness in action:

And here's what trainwiz had to say about the creation:

I'm sure you have just like me, sat near your fireplace at some point, sipped tea and ate a small animal and said to yourself 'Why has nobody put Thomas the Tank Engine in Fallout 4 yet. I mean, he clearly fits in every possible way!'
I certainly wondered this, and so, I underwent a long, six year journey of discovery. After killing all my rivals and eating their hearts, I realized I could just ask a friend to port some meshes for me, and made this abomination. Welcome to Really Useful Fallout, an abomination that replaces a variety of things in Fallout with Thomas the Tank Engine. Because why not, god is already dead after all.

Yeah, why not?! Why not indeed, trainwiz! I cannot wait to try this.

What about you?

Get over here if you feel like mixing up the terror a slight.

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