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Netflix, Inc (NFLX) and DreamWorks Animation expand relationship in a deal to increase children's content on the streaming platform

Netflix Inc. has vowed its investors and shareholders regarding its robust growth plans this year. The company expects its business to be in almost every country of the world by the end of 2016. Furthermore, it eyes to completely sideline the traditional cable TV business in the coming time. The internet TV provider is one of the best services in the world that is now not only giving access to the best movies and shows but is producing itself as well. The firm is working on various deals in order to further dominate the global TV industry.

According to sources, Netflix is all set to extend and expand its global relationship with one of the biggest names, DreamWorks. The streaming service provider wants to continue working on the children content from DreamWorks Animation in a deal that would not only benefit the company and its broad portfolio but it would further improve its global relationship with DreamWorks as well. LA Times report, “The new provisions of their current multiyear deal will make the Los Gatos, Calif.-based streaming platform the global home, outside of China, to a number of new original series from the Glendale-based studio.”

Netflix’s plans regarding how to go about with its streaming service this year are quite ambitious. The firm is all set to double its original programming content that would see nearly 32 original content including 15 new and existing TV shows, stand up comedy shows, and children content as well. It has plans to release several new series on its platform that is produced by DreamWorks Animation in this year. One of the most demanded children’s series, ‘Trollhunters’ from Guillermo del Toro, and Voltron will soon be available for streaming on Netflix.

According to the vice president of original series for Netflix, Cindy Holland, stated “DreamWorks Animation is synonymous with great storytelling that families around the world enjoy. It's with great pleasure that we expand on an already successful relationship with DreamWorks Animation to bring more premium kids and family television to Netflix members globally.”

Netflix was previously best known for owning rights of the best content out there in the market. This deal would further extend the rights of current original series from DreamWorks Animation that are currently available of the streaming platform. The president of DreamWorks Animation is also thrilled to be expanding the partnership and relationship with Netflix. She express her excited in an interview by saying that this deal further adds to the amazing foundation Netflix and DreamWorks have built over the years.


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