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In recent weeks there has been a tidal wave of speculation that Dan Amboyer will be playing Hal Jordan is it true or it is just speculation? Lets examin the facts....

We know there is a Carol Ferris (Hal's sweetheart) played by Christina Wren in this universe as she was in MoS and she will be in BvS and JL according to IMDB

We know Dan will be in this film playing the role of a Pilot. We know Hal Jordan is a pilot. On top of that Dan also began his physical transformation as soon as he was cast from relatively skinney to putting on a load of muscle, why do that for a minor pilot role?......

Speculation that he was lantern actually began almost a year ago around March 2015 and not recently, it only became big new recently when someone supposidle saw a screening of the BvS film.

Dan has never denied he is or is not hal/lantern

Dan or Hal?
Dan or Hal?

This picture was also uploaded by around March 2015 which initially kicked off the rumours, the picture was taken during the filming of BvS. Why would a predominiantly stage actor take up the role and put on alot of muscle to just play the minor role of a pilot?

The biggest question people ask is why not state that there will be a Green Lantern, why not release a picture of him like the others....? Well this has a very easy answer, Ryan Reynolds version of the Green Lantern was an aweful film and ruined the image of DC, Zack Snyder did not want to be associated with anything about that film and he didn't not want the public to link that awful film to his so the role of green lantern had to be ommited to have credibility.

My personal opinion, from what i've seen of him he will make an excellent Green lantern and hopefully restore the reputation that was so badly damaged by the last lantern film.

Here are links to when the rumours first started in March 2015:


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