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For books and movies to be great, they have to have interesting and likeable characters. There are a lot of great characters out there and a lot terrible characters, and some in the middel. Here's a list of the best characters ever (in my opinion):

1. FINNICK ODAIR , The Hunger Games Trilogy.

I absolutely love this guy. The first time I saw him, I seriously fell in love. And he is probably the most real character ever, and he has such a great and real personality. And he has such a heartbreaking story. He grew up in one of the districts (not the poorest, but it's still far from the Capitol), he had to compete in the horrible Hunger Games when he was just fourteen, his body was sold by President Snow (because if he didn't his loved one would be killed), he was in love with a mad women, he had to compete in The Third Quarter Quells, and he died so young in the second rebellion (and sacrificed his life for Katniss and was ripped to shreds by mutts) and he didn't even get to see his son (that was born after he died).

He is charming, hot, nice, selfless, self-sacrificing and funny. He is the greatest character EVER and I don't any character will ever beat this guy.


And he is seriously badass. I mean, SERIOUSLY.

2. PEETA MELLARK, The Hunger Games Trilogy

He is so cute and the perfect boyfriend. He is so nice, cute, sweet, caring and selfless. He does everything to save the ones he loves. He has to compete in The Hunger Games two times, his entire family gets killed and he gets hijacked by the Capitol. I love this character and have always been Team Peeta. I'm so glad he and Katniss got a kind of a happy ending. He is just so cute. I mean, so cute!

and THOMAS, The Maze Runner Trilogy

Thomas is a great main character and role model, and he is (in my opinion) the greatest main character ever. He is so young and has yet gone through so much. He had to experience the world getting destroyed, his parents died by the Flare, he had to help WCKD with the Maze, his memories was erased, he had to survive the Maze and the Scorch. He is always willing to sacrifice himself for his friends, and he always sees the best in people. He questions things and is a real badass. I mean, serious badass. He is cute and adorable too. I mean, who can't like him?

3. KATNISS EVERDEEN, The Hunger Games Trilogy

She is maybe the most damaged character, but she is strong, brave and tough. She has to compete in The Hunger Games two times, she lives in the poorest district of Panem, her father died when she was eleven (so that she had to provide food for her Mother and sister), she loses Almost everyone she loves, but can still go on fighting. She is the best female character ever, and I am glad she ended up with Peeta in the end.

4. GALE HAWTHORNE, The Hunger Games Trilogy

He may have a lot of anger that is showing in MOCKINGJAY, but who can blame him? He has had a hard life and you really get to know this character. He is a badass too and is a nice guy, after all. He looks handsome and those eyes. And it was so sad when Katniss said "Goodbye Gale", for never to see him again, even if it wasn't his fault that Poor Prim died.

5. NEWT and MINHO, The Maze Runner Trilogy.

They are both very great and nice guy who has been through a lot. They are both selfless and self-sacrificing.

Newt is nice and great. He always wants to do the right thing. He isn't afraid to questions things, and he seems like a good friend.

Minho is serious badass (knee to chest in Scorch Trials), and he sacrifices himself so that he gets taken by WCKD and not his friends. What's more selfless than that?

I know, I know, there is just characters from Maze Runner and Hunger Games, but in my opinion they are the best characters ever! And no one can ever beat them.


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