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Atlanta is soon to become the new home of the gods. The grand MOBA event that is the Smite World Championship is almost upon us and it this one promises to be bigger and better than ever before!

To celebrate this utterly joyous occasion, the games developer, Hi-Rez Studios have released an all new sexy trailer called, "To Hell and Back". This epic cinematic will be used to launch the event which takes place next week in Atlanta.

Smite is one of the world's most popular free-to-play MOBA's or multiplayer online battle arena games. Played on Xbox One and PC, Smite players have the option to take the visage of a god or other mythological creature and wage war in many third person combat situations/game modes.

The event will showcase the talents of some of the best smite players on the planet. This battle of the gods will take place on both PC and Xbox platforms. The payout differs slightly however, competitors on Xbox One will compete for $150,000 whilst the PC community players will be battling for a whopping $1 million - certainly pays to be a PC gamer at this event.

If you want to watch the event unfold but can't get a ticket out, then you can catch the action over on Twitch. The stream starts at 11 AM EST on January 7th. To sweeten the deal, and to further celebrate the big day, Hi-Rez have slashed the price of their latest in-game Ultimate God Pack for PC and Xbox One.

Aside from the ultimate Smite showdown happening up on the big screens, HI-Rez will be showcasing new projects as well as revealing all new Smite expansions. The convention is also becoming one of the world's most popular Cosplay destinations with fans and players alike dressing up as both their favourite Smite gods and various other pop culture characters.

So, I guess the question of who is the best god will soon be answered. Let the battle of the Goliaths proceed. This is always a great competition with a truly fantastic community behind the avatars. The event gets bigger and better every year and if you have the time, I highly recommend you make the trip down.

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