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For those of you not living under a rock in 2014, you'll most likely have witnessed the epic and extremely exciting "leaked" test footage for a stand alone Deadpool movie. The test footage instantly spread like wildfire across the Internet, and rapidly had millions of fans begging and pleading for an actual movie release (even those people not privy to the comic books themselves).

Those prayers were answered, and before we knew it, a Deadpool movie was being pushed through to become a reality. I myself, am under the impression that there was always going to be a Deadpool film, and this was simply the start of an epic and beautifully entertaining marketing ploy.

One that has lasted the entire length of the film's creation. I mean let's face it, I don't think anyone involved with the project wanted to leave Deadpool's on-screen legacy as the horrific monstrosity that we saw in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Especially after Ryan Reynolds did such an amazing job at bringing Wade Wilson to life in the films beginning.

Since the devastating end result of Origins, everything pretty much went silent on the solo Deadpool front, all except for Ryan Reynolds's enthusiasm to save his beloved character. But was this all intentional? Were Fox simply leaving a void for us whilst they planned for perfection with this character, after all absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Those question is rhetorical because I'm going to answer them for you. Yes, yes it was. This time period and the anger towards what once was, gave the geniuses behind this film plenty of time to craft the perfect movie, and come up with one hell of a marketing campaign. I'm writing this article today for fans like me to celebrate the epic Deadpool movie campaign and Ryan Reynolds himself, who has dived head first into this role, to the point where he has become Wade Wilson (Oh, and to help add to the excitement before this film drops next month).

Burt Reynolds, eat your heart out.
Burt Reynolds, eat your heart out.

Now I've read numerous complaints on the Internet from various trolls, and just plain old Debbie Downers that state:

"Since Ryan Reynolds was announced as Deadpool, he just swears a lot on his social media and has taken the whole thing way too far. Is it just me or is everyone else sick of this?"

My response is simply, "no". Given the epic failure that was the last 'Deadpool', the creative team needed a fresh and genius approach to really get the fans excited for this film.

An epic marketing campaign was unveiled - a campaign that's lasted well over a year and has, so far, delivered everything we've wanted and more. This approach would've also provided enough excitement to draw in new fans, for added security just in case they couldn't achieve the age rating needed to make this film truly perfect (But fear not, they got that rating).

Ryan Reynolds has fully embraced the character he has loved for so long, and it shows. He himself is almost breaking the fourth wall and is bringing Wade Wilson to life in everything he does. This, by extension, is another superb aspect of this films colossal marketing campaign.

Through hilarious TV spots, ingenious posters and the brilliant '12 Days of Deadpool', this film has already delivered a slew of high quality promotional material. Even through the amazing trailers that have been released throughout the year, the people behind this movie have still managed to keep quite a lot of the plot secret. That in itself is a stroke of brilliance, as fans don't even seem to mind.

The level of quality and brilliance behind this marketing campaign has kept an air of mystery to the film's plot still, whilst delivering lashings of footage and images of the Merc himself. In this day and age, I feel this is something to be commended, as it has already driven both fans, and non-fans excitement levels through the roof.

They have done this on a level that has many of my non-nerdy friends dying to find out what Deadpool is all about. The true excellence has been in the delivery of everything we know and love about Deadpool, whilst putting him in footage that doesn't spoil any aspects of the film's plot itself.

Now I know this article doesn't provide anything new in the way of news and footage for the film itself. But I hope you as a reader, like myself, enjoy and respect the high level of quality and dedication the creative team have put into this marketing campaign.

Ryan Reynolds has taken on this role and grabbed it by the balls with both hands. He has brought Wade Wilson to life on a daily basis and continues to drive the anticipation and excitement for this film in everything he does.

With only a month to go until this film is released in February, I'm stoked to see what they deliver for us fans in the home stretch.

We've seen a little more action, the inclusion of the X-Men, and of course, the classic fourth wall breaking banter. All of which probably makes up about 10% of the finished product itself.

So at this point, you're either a huge lover of everything they've given us, or find it excessively over the top at this point (as if, right?) But no matter what side of the fence you fall, there is no denying the impressive scale, and huge effort that's been put into advertising and marketing this flick.

The impressive scale of this campaign has created huge buzz, and no matter what opinion you form, people are talking about it. With that one result, the team responsible for marketing Deadpool, have done one hell of a job.

To round off my admiration/celebration of such a brilliant marketing effort, I'm going to leave you all with the newly released trailer and the original. Just to get your excitement levels that little bit higher before next month arrives.

Feel free to drop me a line in the comments sections with your thoughts towards how they've handled the Deadpool marketing campaign. I want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly.

Head on over to YouTube and check out all of the brilliant and hilarious TV spots you may have missed (if you live in the UK or you're from the stone age, you may have missed a few - for example...)

And as always, thanks for reading. Don't be shy about sharing this around to get get everyone hyped up to the max for this films release next month. The studio have such faith, that there's already plans for a sequel. So don't be that one person that misses out on something so beautiful.



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