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Disney has a real knack of getting grown adults to belt out their catchy songs at the top of their lungs while mortifying the children around them, but believe it or not, they even have a few absolute gems going spare!

Below are some of the most catchy Disney deleted songs that you have probably never heard before, but which one is going onto your guilty pleasures playlist?

6. Pocahontas - Dancing to the Wedding Drum

This catchy song illustrating Pocahontas's reluctance to get married to her fiancé, Kocoum was probably cut from the movie because it isn't that relevant to the main storyline of the movie. It's still a banger though.

5. Aladdin - Proud of Your Boy

Aladdin was subject to some pretty brutal trimming in the cutting room and his mother was cut from the movie along with this beautiful Disney ballad. My heart.

4. To Be King - The Lion King'

Yep, Mufasa once had a song in The Lion King, but his jaunty instructions to his son about how to be a good king didn't make the final cut. Perhaps they were considered too light hearted for the noble self-sacrificing king?

3. Snuff Out the Light - The Emperor's New Groove

Sand by the legendary Ertha Kitt, Yzma's song about blocking out the sun for the sake of vanity was sacrificed in the Emperor's New Groove, but in my mind it's fit for any Disney playlist. What a voice!

2. I Can't Believe My Heart - Hercules

Megara's song about being let down by the men in her life is a little to similar to 'I Won't Say I'm in Love' in tone, despite the final choice for Megara's solo being a lot more upbeat.

1. Keep 'Em Guessing- Mulan

This song was meant to be our introduction to Mushu, but unfortunately his "smoother than ginseng" voice was snipped from the final version.

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