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One of The Walking Dead's most notorious villains from the graphic novels will be making his appearance on the acclaimed series during the back half of Season 6. This villain is none other than the narcissistic psychopath, Negan.

Now, because The Walking Dead series does take much of its materials from the graphic novels, there are **POSSIBLE SHOW SPOILERS** ahead.

Watch CNS's Steve give this short bio on Negan above, or if you're not the video viewing type, read the blogged out version below.

He's The Leader of the Saviors

Negan made his first appearance in issue #100 of The Walking Dead. A former car salesmen turned leader of a group called "The Saviors," Negan is a mastermind of manipulation and displays dominance through his violent nature. Negan and The Saviors use old school mafia tactics to muscle their way into all of these different communities by telling them they will keep them protected from roamers (walkers) nearby in return for half of the community's supplies.

A great defense... is a bunch of impaled zombies
A great defense... is a bunch of impaled zombies

The Saviors reside in a large factory called Sanctuary. For defense they use impaled and chained up walkers outside of the factory. This method is used to scare away any invading groups or communities.

He's a Fucking Unique Character

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman based Negan's appearance off of punk rocker Henry Rollins. Negan is known to be an incredible foul mouth, something Kirkman has said he took from his own personality. In fact, almost every other word out of Negan's mouth is "fuck!"

Someone get this guy a swear jar
Someone get this guy a swear jar

Negan loves being challenged which is why he and Rick have this weird sort of relationship with each other. Rick will constantly challenge Negan and Negan loves every second of it. It's kind of like the Batman-Joker-esque relationship we see within DC Comics.

...But He Still Has Morals

As intense an Negan is, he does have a weird set of morals he abides by. Negan despises rape, (although he mentally rapes the lives of people every day) and even after killing certain characters he'll tell his men to "clean it up before a kid sees it."

You Don't Want to Meet Lucille

Lucille Wants to Say Hello
Lucille Wants to Say Hello

Negan carries a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire that he adoringly named Lucille. Being the violent character he is, Negan needs to show his display of dominance among the community and he will do this by using Lucille to make examples out of individuals by either injuring them or beating them to death.

He Kills a Beloved Main Character

After The Saviors ambush Rick and his group on their way to Hilltop, they are brought forth to Negan. To prevent future retaliation and send a message of power to Rick's group, Negan picks one member from the group (a la eeny meeny miny moe) to be executed by Lucille. Glenn was the unlucky one.

After Glenn's confrontation with Lucille which left him with a case of... dead, Negan sent the group back to Alexandria to contemplate their next move. The group even considered abiding by Negan's rules for a short period of time.

He Has Many Wives

Negan's Wives Club
Negan's Wives Club

If you're living with Negan in his group, you need to earn points which you can exchange for food or supplies. If you become a wife to Negan, the point system does not apply to you. So if you live within the group, and you happen to be a woman, you can opt to be a wife to Negan. Many of his wives happen to be ex-wives or ex-girlfriends of other members of the group.

Negan dresses all of his wives up in sexy lingerie and if they ever happen to cheat on him with another man or former lover, they are given two options:

The first option is to be exiled from the community and go back to fending for themselves in a zombie infested wasteland.

The second option is to apologize and remain with the group. In doing this, the man the woman was "unfaithful" with receives a searing hot iron to his face, exposing one eye, and leaving them hideously scarred for life.

New Meaning to "Burns with Sex"
New Meaning to "Burns with Sex"

He Is Very Fond of Carl

Negan becomes very fond of Carl (not in that way you pervs) after Carl sneaks into Negan's warehouse and kills several of his men, leaving Negan thoroughly impressed. Negan respects Carl, believing he has "a lot of balls" to attempt to go after him (remember he gets off on being challenged.) After the confrontation, Negan actually gives Carl a tour of his factory.

After Many Battles With Rick, He Eventually Loses...

Throughout the comics, Negan and Rick battle back and forth, leaving many deaths on both sides. In the end, Rick does come out victorious in a hand-to-hand fight with Negan.

...But Rick Doesn't Kill Him

Rick wants to show Negan that he is the better man and that you don't need violence and fascism in order to keep a community in line. Rick wants Negan to rot in jail, witnessing his people flourish in a better way of living without his dictatorship.

Negan is locked away in a cell in an Alexandrian basement, which is where he remains today. In fact at one point Negan's door was accidentally left open, giving him an opportunity to leave. He chose to stay though, abiding by Rick's rules, which is just one more of the many reasons why Negan is such an interesting character.

Awww... we forgive you!
Awww... we forgive you!


Who will meet Lucille in Season 6/Season 7?

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