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We'll soon have to say goodbye to Gravity Falls: Disney's hugely successful show will be ending after just 2 seasons. This has left many fans disappointed, but not hugely surprised, as the plot for the entire show has built towards the grand finale, the intensely surreal Weirdmageddon.

In the last episode, Escape From Reality, we discovered that Stan Pines, Mabel's friends, and many of the fan favourite townsfolk are alive and well, holed up in the Mystery Shack. From what we can tell, Weirdmageddon III will be a mission to overthrow Bill Cipher and, as the episode title says, Take Back The Falls.

This hour long finale is bound to be one hell of a ride, as the gang fight to reclaim their town! But will this battle claim the life of one of the Pines?

Ultimate Sacrifice

The idea that one major character would die before the end of season 2 has been foreshadowed for a while now. Months ago, Alex Hirsch hinted as much on his Twitter account...

Many people attributed this to the mayor of Gravity Falls, who died in an episode soon after this Tweet was published. But this code from Weirdmageddon I implied that one of the Pines would die in the Oddpocalypse.


Again, this hint could be explained away: after all, Bill Cipher loves to make threats and we know that as Dipper and Mabel "make up, team up, and save the world", Bill's time is soon up. But Disney just released a new synopsis of S02E20 which adds new weight to the implications that one of the Pines family will die...

Ford discovers Bill’s true motives and then a final confrontation with Bill leads to the Pines family’s ultimate fate and greatest sacrifice.

Ultimate fate? Greatest sacrifice? Oh man, this doesn't look good.

There's also the fact that the synopsis mentions "Bill's true motives" - what could this mean? We already know Bill wants to plunge the whole world into Weirdmageddon, but what else does he have planned? One thing's for certain: the Pines are going to have a tough job taking the triangle trickster out. So which one will die in the process? We've had a few hints already about who will bite the dust, but some of them could be red herrings...

Who Will Die?

As the protagonists of the story, and children, t's unlikely that Dipper or Mabel will die. The Grunkles however, are another matter.

Grunkle Stan is definitely at the top of the list for People Who Are Probably Going To Die. Most fans have picked up on the ton of foreshadowing Alex Hirsch has heaped on us about Stan's death.

Every effigy of Stan has been destroyed, usually in a fire, leading many fans to theorize that one day he would meet the same sticky end. Other hints include Stan falling into a coffin and even mentioned his own demise in the episode The Stanchurian Candidate...

"Kids, if I die make sure I get a bigger tombstone than Ford's!"

And of course there's the fact that this Gravity Falls short hinted that Bill Cipher is after Stan's soul...

In this short, Bill Cipher actually calls Grunkle Stan, and has some interesting things to say.

"How about you keep the necklace, and I take YOUR SOUL?!"

Could taking Stan's soul be the "true motives" the synopsis hinted at? It's possible, but one person's soul seems like a pretty small prize for a now near-omnipotent being. It's more likely that this, and the foreshadowing about Stan's death, is a red herring to disguise the true victim of Bill's plan...

Ford Is Not Long For This World

Stanford was removed from the action fairly early on, and as the author of the (now destroyed) journals, it's easy to see why. Ford is just too clever for this story: if he were part of the action this early on, that would take all the energy out of Dipper's mission and crucially, Ford would have prevented the much needed team up with Mabel.

But as the synopsis reveals, Ford will return in Take Back The Falls. This is crucial as he knows Bill's vital weakness, and there's that "to the ends of the Earth" hint that needs to be revealed. So when Ford returns, will his battle with Bill cost him his life?

Bill traps Ford
Bill traps Ford

Considering Ford was only introduced in the latter half of season 2, he might be the perfect candidate to kill off, as his death would pack a punch but wouldn't be too heartbreaking. This new synopsis also seems to highlight Ford as the one to have a showdown with Bill, so will sacrifice his life for his family?

Probably. Maybe. In any case, put me down as Pretty Gosh Darn Concerned for all the Pines in the Gravity Falls finale!


Who do you think will die?


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