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Been an avid comic reader my whole life, Spidey was my first comic and quickly became my fav super hero (25 years later and nothing's change
John Dean

So I've recently decided on creating my own comic book, a daunting task I know, but it's something I feel I need to do. For years I've had ideas flying around in my head, unfinished ideas, never fully taking shape but never left me, always lingering in the recesses of my mind. Though a strange thing has begun happening in recent time, the more I think about these separate 'sparks' of differing ideas, the more they are beginning to mold together to form something coherent and in my humble opinion, original and exciting. I am excited. I feel I have something here. Sure the genre, fantasy adventure hasn't always been too popular in comics, the best example I can think of is the cult comic series 'Elfquest' that while brilliant... is pretty much unknown to anyone not heavily into comics, I still feel the idea is strong enough to make it worth pursuing. Of course I won't be divulging plot details, other than mentioning some of the influences on my work, the Legend of Zelda series, Fullmetal Alchemist, the little known Disney film 'The Black Couldron', Samurai Jack and even a touch of Pokemon... while definitely influenced, I feel I've used the ideas inventively enough to avoid derision.

Now enough of that, we have established I'm happy with my idea, the question that soon arises, where do I go from here? Being totally new to the world of making comics (though I would have to be a scholar at reading them :P) I decided to do a little online research and soon discovered some very helpful tips and advice. Suddenly it seems less daunting. An epic undertaking yes, but achievable with the right amount of hard work and passion. Do you self publish and do it all yourself? A risky gamble that could end with a great finished product nobody ever reads... or you might just have the next Crow or Scott Pilgrim, a gamble, and something worth researching more to see if you have the savvy needed to market it and get it out there. Obviously the alternative is find a publisher, Marvel, Dc, Image and all the other big names all have submission forms and guidelines readily available for anyone and everyone on the internet. The problem here is your fighting a sea of other submissions (some much more professional) but hey a good idea is a good idea. Of course they take a cut of profits, but they also take care of all the marketing and can ensure its on store shelves. You could publish online with digital downloads, and in this kindle age we live in this can be a very feasible option, but again you're fighting a sea of others doing the same thing making it hard to stand out among the rest. Hmmm looks like I have some thinking to do. Making a comic, no small task it seems. Do you do it all yourself, write it, draw it, ink it? Do you share and get an artist or an inker or both in a collaborative effort? This is something I'm thinking hard about, seems my drawing skills are a little rusty and while I nail the character designs quite well, I kind of suck at landscapes... or perhaps a course in landscape sketching is needed... like I said a lot of work. Well wish me luck on my endeavour however fruitless it may someday turn out to be, I will push on in spite of this, regardless of sales, wouldn't it be freaking awesome to say I have my very own fully realised comic book. That's gotta be the dream right?

Thanks so much for reading, know it wasn't overly informative but hey, I'm learning too, it's all still very new to me and still trying to wrap my head around everything. Any new news or tips I encounter on my project I will be sure to update and share how it's all coming along. Fingers crossed kids :P Any suggestions/advice/insults send my way in the comments. Once again I am Johnny Clash and be sure to follow me on Moviepilot and twitter @johnnygeekcool and facebook: Johnny Clash


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