ByLeo Francis, writer at
Masso Masso comics fan

A debate that I have also been involved in about the likely hood of having the Iron-spider armour in the upcoming civil war movie. It's interesting to figure out if the armour will or will not be in the movie , since the armour originated in the civil war comics , will it appear in Spider-Man's first MCU appearance in the Civil war movie ??

Personaly , I don't think we will be seeing the Iron-spider armour in Civil war as it would be too soon for Spider-Man's first MCU appearance, there simply wouldn't be enough time to establish a good enough relationship between Spider-Man and Iron Man for Stark to build Spidey the armour (except I think later in the movie they might teese it).However , that being said , I think we might be seeing a glimpse of the Iron-spider armour in Spider-Man's first MCU standalone movie , as Spidey would have met Iron Man in Civil war , I think with the movies coming out after Civil war that there will be enough time up until Spideys movie that a relationship is formed between the two infamous characters. The only theory I came up with that would cause this to not work out , would be if Iron Man resented Spider-Man because he would have joined the opposing side of the Civil War.


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