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Istanbul based illustrator and artist mainly focusing on children's book illustration, concept art and character design.
Merve Atilgan

In my free time, I generally draw experimental concept art backgrounds and characters along with new brushes and techniques. Discovering new styles and textures is always amuses me, I think thats the fun stuff of my job because there is always a dark side which is waiting to explore.

So about this project, it all started in a cold winter night while I was reading the Lee Bermejo's comic "Batman Noel" issue. In the middle of the comic I felt a strong passionate feeling to draw a Batman, following seconds I found myself in front of the computer and drawing Bruce Wayne. Joker and Harlequin followed and a project comes out suddenly.

Gotham characters especially villians are always my favourite in DC because they've got unique personalities and styles. New Gotham series impressed me a lot with its dark atmosphere and stylish steampunk elements. So I added the Penguin to my project with the character and the background. characters I've and finally I've got the Flash ( favourite super power) with extra adding and just for now I finished it. But I've still Selina Kyle and Poison Ivy on my mind.

Gotham concept art background with Penguin.
Gotham concept art background with Penguin.

Well, thank you so much for reading and I hope you've enjoyed.

See more of my work here on my Instagram Behance or if you want to ask questions, just write me from Behance :)


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