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Let's be honest. Did we all enjoy the force awakens? Sure. However I and many others know J J did nothing new with this movie.

A new lightsaber, big deal. A defecting storm trooper, happens more than one could imagine; but where is this imaginative new story we all yearned to see. It didn't exist.

The force awakens is just The New Hope rehashed. Rey is Luke. Luke is Yoda. Kylo Ren is Vader. Snode is the emperor. Finn serves only as an R2 unit that brings them the knowledge to destroy the Death Star, well in this case the Starkiller.

We've already seen this movie; in a far better form. At least in A New Hope, the characters were fresh. The idea was a new outlook on good vs evil. The Force was a wonderfully inventive concept, that made us want to believe in this new type of superhero; Jedi.

JJ special effects team showed us nothing new and frankly his copy of The New Hope shows us, he holds nothing on George Lucas. This movie is now the Jar Jar Binks of the entire series. A complete utter embarrassment to the franchise.

Honestly Disney, its creators, writers and produces should take a long hard look at this pile of tripe, and start rethinking their next move. This complete rip off of A New Hope pales in comparison to absolutely every single movie within the franchise.

Disney ought to be ashamed for letting this happen. I mean they've seen Star Wars before haven't they?


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