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I have been watching movies all my life. Growing up I have always wanted to be like the heroes on screen. Realizing those jobs were boring i
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Well its time for another Fan Theory, this time an oldie but goodie, that I am surprised is not mentioned a whole lot.

By no means am I the first person who thought of this, but I am more surprised that not many else have.

Regardless, the other day I was watching the 2003 Disney film Holes starring Shia LaBeouf, John Voight and Sigourney Weaver. Well I was watching the film, and something clicked about a certain character. John Voight's character, Mr. Sir seemed to be leaving hints to a secret about them.

In the beginning they were just character details, but the second he reaffirms the audience that his real name Marion Sevillo ain't a man's name, these details became clues.

What do you guys think about the theory?


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