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As far as tantalizing villains go, witches have to be among the most sinister. With all-too tempting promises, these sorceresses can lure unsuspecting innocents to their fold until they're in too deep to escape.

That's exactly the case in upcoming horror film Cherry Tree. It follows a young girl named Faith who's desperate to make her father survive cancer. Faith meets a woman named Sissy Young who seems maternal at first, but that facade is hiding her role as the leader of a centuries-old witches' coven. Sissy's witches specialize in using the fruit of the cherry tree in ceremonies of resurrection, and soon Faith finds herself embroiled in forces far beyond her control.

Despite their affinity for the women of the coven, the witches are ruthless when it comes to outsiders, a reality that becomes clear in one particular scene in the film.

In the clip, a shocked Faith is confronted by the coven's bloodlust

Clearly, these witches shouldn't be messed with. Though, I tend to distrust anyone that so casually toys with centipedes.

Cherry Tree is out on VOD and in limited theaters this Friday, January 8th!


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