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A beloved "one time wonder" has disappeared without a murmur. When asking his family about him, they remain silent. Its been rumored he left the fame to become a 'real' person. But he never announced his leave of absence! He auditioned to play as 'Peeta Melark' in the beloved movie 'Hunger Games'. He got the part, but abruptly left without answering phone calls, e-mails, texts, mail, etc.

So then his at the time girlfriend was contacted, but she just said "I don't know anything, sorry" she seemed quick and unwilling. Even now she refuses to answer any questions about him. Where did he go? Is he dead? Secluded? Isolated? Rehabilitated?

Nobody know, other than his family of course who said the same as the ex, "we don't know anything about him, we're sorry".

Intrigued as to who this is?

Not even Google has a record of young Taylin, there's no images and no results Google did tell this though: "He contacted us via email, and asked that all photos, videos, and articles be immidately remover, though we have no control over what people post, we're on high watch for any articles including his name, or pictures".

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