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Ian Cady

hey guys, i just wanted to stop in and say a few things. as maybe many of you know there is one big factor for movie spoilers before the movie even comes out. They're called, toys. Or collectibles, and im not calling out action figures. Im calling out Lego more specifically.

Ok so the rest of this article does have spoilers for the new Captain America movie, Civil War. So don't say i didn't warn you.

Don't get me wrong, I do like what they spoiled, but im not to particularly thrilled that they spoiled it. i'm thrilled to announce that Giant-Man will be in Captain America Civil War.

It sounds like its in the Airport scene the one where we see Black Panther for the first time. its also the scene right before we see Tony Stark Holding War Machine in his arms. In the trailer of course. my guess is that Giant-Man swats Rohdey out of the air or something, I don't know but i do feel like something major just went down.

So I'm still excited to finally see Giant-Man, (and probably going to buy that set).


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