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*Spoiler Alert*

How can one movie help oneself to see their way out of a depressed state? I have seen a lot of movies in my life but only this single little movie has shone the light for me in a sea of darkness. You see I have been afflicted with this little annoying thing in life called depression. A disease at first but as it creeps through you, it becomes a way of life. I didn’t mean to become this sad husk of a person. Family issues, losing my job and having to take a break from college truly affected me in the worst way. And the worst thing of all I lost my passion to write. In fact this is the first article I haven't written in months. So what inspired me to finally snap out of it? Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

Yes, that is correct. You see when I saw this movie the second time, I saw a whole new movie. Things started clicking in my head as I saw a new analogy emerge on the screen in front of me. So now I would like to share with you an analogy of depression and some ways to help lift you up. So lets delve into my analogy and how we can try to defeat our very own dark side.

Kylo Ren (The Dark Passenger)

Kylo Ren represents the dark side of our minds. The part that tries to take control of everything and in turn destroying everything we love. Not only that but Kylo is the mirror image of subconscious. Kylo represents the image you portray of yourself. Those moments where you look at yourself and say mean things. He is family, but he is out of control. You wish you could see yourself as Ben Solo again. Those bouts of anger you wish could turn into a warm embrace from your father. Not slicing him down and literally burning your bridges. Luckily Kylo Ren can be defeated.

Rey (The Ego)

Rey represents our ego. The voice that is your own. She in turn is the one being tortured by Kylo Ren. Abandoned a long time ago and left to find herself again one day. Hoping everyday as she ticks another mark on the wall that suddenly her family will come back for her. Hoping also that the world will magically just get better if she waits. Kind of like me sitting on the couch hoping that the one day it would all get better. The thing is, it usually doesn’t work that way. And sometimes you have to learn when you need to stop shoving a helping hand away.

Finn (Friends/Family/Other)

Finn is the person that wants to help but sometimes doesn’t know the right way to do so. It is very hard for people who aren’t depressed to understand how one can’t just snap out of it. This makes things difficult sometimes. Finn is always there trying to hold your hand but it's not going to help until an active decision is made. Ones decision to finally shake it off and move towards the goal. To become a Jedi or you know to become a happier human being.

Maz (Psychologist/Counselor)

Maz represents someone who is there trying to help you to become your full potential. They are wise and no ways to help solve your problem. Sometimes though you can do this yourself. The key thing is Maz helps Rey see the past and awaken her to see the way to the light side. She has the tool Rey needs to find her way.

Lightsaber (Medicine/Hobbies/Friendships)

The lightsaber can represent many different things to different people. In Star Wars it Rey’s tool to awakening her inner Jedi or as I like to say her inner badass. In our lives it means picking up a guitar or a pen. It is whatever tool that can connect you to inner happiness. Now it alone can’t do anything by itself. It needs to be wielded by someone who needs an outlet. Now just having a lightsaber doesn’t mean everything will fall into place. It just means you have a way to defend yourself from negative thoughts.

I don’t know why this analogy unfolded before me but it has helped me pick my boots up by the straps and head back into battle. I am no longer bound by Kylo but have used some Jedi mind tricks to battle my negativity. It isn’t an easy journey but know that if you currently battle depression you aren't alone. We have to take each day in this journey one footstep at a time.May the force be with you!

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