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The destination is only a momentary distraction. Another novel is making its way to the big screen this year when The girl on the Train arrives in theaters. The upcoming mystery thriller is based on the acclaimed Paula Hawkins novel which follows a divorced, alcoholic woman who becomes entangled in a murder. The film will be directed by Tate Taylor, the director behind films such as 2014's biographical drama Get on up. Emily Blunt will serve as the film's title character who becomes an eyewitness to murder,and possibly an accomplice.

Here's the plot synopsis:

Rachel Watson, an alcoholic troubled woman whose husband left her for his mistress, witnesses a murder and starts to realize that she may have been involved in the crime.

While The girl on the Train mainly serves as a mystery/murder thriller, it also contains some interesting psychological aspects that can elevate the movie in terms of suspense and motivation behind certain character actions. The protagonist, Rachel Watson, already feels like a relatable character since she is struggling with a messy divorce and being an alcoholic, two issues that are familiar to multiple individuals of different backgrounds. Rachel even tends to fantasize and day dream about a more idyllic life, a time when she felt happy and reassured, instead of feeling isolated and trapped by her current circumstances. The success of this movie will depend on how the characters are handled since this is supposed to be a character-driven suspense-thriller that keeps audiences guessing while also being compelling and intriguing in its execution. Box office could go either way, but the cast is a huge draw as well fans of the novel who have been dying to see an adaptation of some kind. It might be a surprise hit, so we'll what happens.


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