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Each day this week (beginning Tuesday), we've revealed a brand new poster teasing Disney's epic live-action adventure, The Jungle Book. With anticipation running high, these images have certainly held up to our insanely lofty expectations for the movie.

After days of waiting, we're stoked to bring you a first look at the third (and final) panel of The Jungle Book triptych poster. At last, we have a high-definition image of the fan-favorite characters: Mowgli, Bagheera, and Baloo! This poster shows off the movie's "bare necessities" and more!

The movie's Mowgli is played by a newcomer to the silver screen, 10-year-old Neel Sethi. Keeping in line with its truly all-star cast, the other two characters featured are voiced by two Hollywood veterans. The fatherly black panther Bagheera is voiced by the masterful Ben Kingsley and our beloved Baloo is brought to life by Bill Murray.

Take a look at all three panels of the poster put together to create one epic image.

In case you haven't already picked up from the trailer and posters, this isn't quite the silly animated musical that we grew up with. While Jon Favreau's gritty version will bring us a more realistic setting and characters, it also promises to be a fun, family-friendly adventure film. Are you ready to venture into the jungle?

Disney's The Jungle Book will be released in theaters starting April 15, 2016.


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