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David Marmolejo

Directed By: Alejandro Inarritu

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy

Oh Leo dear Sir is it that time yet? The time when the Oscar does indeed go for you and a thunderous audience cheers fanatically as the moment occurs? Probably not, maybe the next go around? As for Birdman Director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu: This is Oscar Potential in excellent fashion. Not only is the cast headed by juggernauts DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, but one of the great survival stories the eyes have ever seen. With a rapid surge of raw force from the beginning minutes to the dazzling cinematography that stretches mile to mile, This is a story. Told by a man of extraordinary capabilities. Of course after witnessing the film Birdman and Michale Keaton, I could not wait for Inarritu's second blaze of Film and this one is indeed Superb.

Starting with a simple fluid shot of the woods, Glass (Dicaprio) and his Native American son are searching for animal hide and just as they find their job, all hell breaks loose on Fitzgerald (Hardy), the captain and the remaining crew nearby with an Indian Raid, killing almost all members and minimal survivors. First off; Anyone who remembers Birdman knows there was not a single motion shot change, it was all fluid, it was gooey perfection. This Indian Raid, is the same direction and it is an eye popping feast. Not only does the sequence allow it's members to take a brief second before death, the audience can only grip in joy (sort of) and fear as we see the manslaughter beset before us. My hat to Inarritu for this provocative scene! after the Indians actually raid the place for purpose, the hide for business and the whereabouts of the Chief's daughter, you think you can catch a breath, but surely leave it to DiCaprio and Hardy to argue in grand forces to live. The Ultimate Struggle for your sake, your sons, and the crew, that DiCaprio could care less about. It's his son that's the priority! As base camp tries to regroup, Glass sets out for a laid path that can even further their distance from the attackers, we stumble upon even more beautiful scenery, and we stumble upon Mother Bear and Cubs. This was pure shock. From the previews we receive a glimpse of the attack, but once seeing the whole scenario, it is absolutely dreadful to see. CGI Bear or not the raw attack and DiCaprio's eerie bone chilling performance makes Inarritu the man of emotion. Basically one of the top visionaries of our time. You want to watch this seen over and over, first of DiCaprio and most likely of you (which I did... did not end well at all) to be charged at with velocity of Mother duties is extremely horrific. It was great though! but nonetheless pure cinematic nightmare gold.

As believed to be dead, Fitzgerald believes it is indeed his time, attempts to bury him alive and leave him to die for good... obviously this is not what happens but sweet revenge mode. Glass struggles for what seems weeks turns to be days to go back to his Captain, while stumbling upon the Evil Raiders and search for his man Fitzgerald to kill for what he has done. With countless back and forth struggles, to intricate side stories of The Indian Raiders and the hapless search for the Chief's Daughter, leading up to a minor battle of wits between friends, all you can really do with this Inarritu Film is just enjoy. Embrace this Achievement.

A true Tour de Force part two from Birdman to this is without a doubt a film to definitely check out, with powerhouse emotions, gorgeous fluidity, and the sense of capturing a true experience in the Cinema, you can only appreciate the standard set by Inarritu; A Beautiful Tale enriched in silence for most of the story, but is that not the golden part of movies now? Of course it is! A masterful work of pure heart, this is one of the richest highlights in Film of 2016, and a great way to kick off the new year.


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