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2016 is here and with it will come a new batch of superhero films, including the highly anticipated Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Many were disappointed by the second trailer...

...because of the fact that 'Doomsday' was revealed and also because of how he looked (although some have argued that the Doomsday that was shown was a form that would soon evolve into his comic book counterpart). To put this in perspective, Doomsday from the comics looks like this:

Awesome right?

This is how the one in the trailer looks:

So you can pretty much get why so many people are mad, especially since a better-looking Doomsday was seen on a TV show budget years ago on Smallville:

So basically, I’m thinking that this creature from the trailer isn’t Doomsday and is instead:

Amazo/Patient Zero (New 52)

Amazo is a Justice League villain who can mimic the abilities of any metahuman. In the New 52, he has an origin, as told in the Amazo Virus storyline (Justice League #35-#39),that actually bears a resemblance to what we’re expecting from 'Doomsday' in the film. Here’s why:

1. The pre-Amazo form Patient Zero and the creature from the film look similar. In fact, the creature is closer to Patient Zero than actual Doomsday (as shown previously)

2. Patient Zero can evolve (just like people are assuming 'Doomsday' will) as shown from his brief wing developments, thus accounting for the spikes in the trailer (or it could even be him mildly mimicking the building he just descended).

3. Doomsday doesn’t have laser eyes/heat vision. This COULD be a Bizarro, but that doesn’t seem very likely, given the massive changes to Bizarro’s personality and strength that would have to be made to include him. However, Patient Zero develops heat vision, both visually and probably in the same manner as the creature in the trailer, as shown here:

4. Lex Luthor is suggested to have created the creature in the trailer, and while Luthor doesn’t create Doomsday in any way, he does create Patient Zero by releasing the Amazo virus

5. Following up on the previous point, Luthor releases the virus after experimenting with cloning (creating Bizarro) and this could be incorporated into it, using cloning and the virus to make the creature.

6. The DC Cinematic Universe is definitely taking from the New 52 run, which is evident from the exact lineup they want for the Justice League (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, Green Lantern and Shazam) as evident from their film slate. Thus, adapting the Amazo virus story seems like an incredibly logical move.

7. The Amazo virus story is largely about how the Justice League is perceived negatively in the media, while Lex Luthor can provide the salvation. In a movie where people are questioning Superman’s motives and Batman’s somewhat extreme methods, and Lex Luthor is the opposite of that, this seems like the way that they’re going.

8. In a fake news piece released by Warner Bros, Lex Luthor says: “It’s a near certainty that another world-changing crisis is hurtling towards us... we are on the cusp of unveiling a technology that will change the world forever”. In the comic book storyline, the Amazo virus would’ve been used to suppress metahuman abilities, specifically the abilities of Kryptonians ("It was meant for Kryptonians"), such as the abilities displayed in the Superman vs. Zod battle, which would be the “world-changing crisis” that was mentioned. It would also explain why he was using Zod’s body as part of the experiment, as the ability to negate Kryptonian abilities might lie in Kryptonian cells.

9. Amazo is a Justice League villain who is minor enough (being usually the calm before the storm) for a small team to deal with, but strong enough to be a challenge. This being opposed to Doomsday and Bizarro, who are primarily Superman villains.

10. Because the Justice League are incapacitated by the Amazo virus, the only heroes able to face Patient Zero are Batman and Superman, until Wonder Woman jumps in to save them and join the fight, which is EXACTLY like the trailer.

"Is she with you?"
"Is she with you?"

11. If Doomsday is introduced, he’s way too strong to make any other villains a threat. He once beat Darkseid, so he’s already probably the strongest villain that will appear, since Darkseid is rumored for the Justice League film. Plus, Doomsday is known for killing Superman, and pulling that move so early in the universe doesn’t feel earned at all. He could definitely appear in Man of Steel 2, but not in a film building up the Justice League.

12. Doomsday would never be revealed in the trailer for one shot when he could be saved for the surprise, especially since this Doomsday doesn’t look much like Doomsday at all, thus negating the excitement of the scene and just lowering expectations. Plus, it's suggested in the Man of Steel Blu-Ray Documentary that Doomsday is already an entity, being part of a warning: "Beware Bertron's curse, for he is named Doomsday". Thus it doesn't make sense for Lex to create him.

13. In the comic story, Amazo turns the heroes that have been infected against the heroes that haven’t, and this could be a good way to add more threat and introduce the powers of Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg (who are set to appear in the film), and when the virus is cured, the “dawn of justice” is over and the team is ready to become the Justice League.

14. Alongside that, the aftermath of the comic book story involves metahuman abilities manifesting everywhere, creating new heroes and villains, which would be the perfect reason to create the Justice League, to combat new threats.

So what do you think? Is that Doomsday in the trailer? Or is it Amazo/Patient Zero? Maybe it’s Bizarro? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

Thanks for reading!


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