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This is going to be a very big year for Gal Gadot as she is set to appear in some pretty big movies in 2016. I think it is safe to say that the biggest of those movies is Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice as she will play the iconic super hero Wonder Woman. A lot of fanboys are geeking out about seeing Batman and Superman on the movie screen for the very first time in history. While seeing that dynamic duo is definitely geek out worthy the anticipation to see the third member of the Holy Trinity of Comics is apparently second to none.

Fandango's Most Anticipated

Poll results from Fandango
Poll results from Fandango

The general movie going audience has spoken! This should make Warner Bros very happy as 3 of their comic book characters from Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad take 3 of the top 4 spots. And of course Wonder Woman takes the top spot. It's really cool to see that people are highly anticipating seeing the most iconic female comic book hero of all time on a movie screen. It took 75 years to make it happen but better late than never. And from the sounds of it Zack and Warner Bros took their time to find the right 'Gal' to play the Amazonian Princess.

How Zack found his Wonder Woman

Courtesy of DCEU Films - FilmInk Interview
Courtesy of DCEU Films - FilmInk Interview

Gal Gadot definitely has a great responsibility being the very first Wonder Woman on the movie screen. It's really good to know that she earned the role. And based on Zack's comments it sounds like Gal could be a real life Wonder Woman when she is not dawning Wonder Woman threads. I really can't wait to witness not only comic book history but movie history when Wonder Woman appears in Dawn of Justice.

But those are my thoughts. How do you feel about Zack's comments? Are you excited to see Wonder Woman on the movie screen? How do you think Gal Gadot will do as Wonder Woman? Is Wonder Woman your most anticipated new superhero in a movie of 2016? Please share your thoughts below.

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