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Potential Spoilers to The Force Awakens below. Granted these Spoilers aren't huge, but they may be spoliers to some that have yet to see the movie.

Having seen Star Wars The Force Awakens multiple times now, I have been working on a theory that may seem far fetched, to say the least. Nevertheless I am beginning to believe this theory may have some validity the more I think about it. I have searched the blogosphere far and wide to see if this theory is out there already, and to my surprise as far as I can tell it is not. Which may or may not mean this theory is so far out there that few rational thinking people are this deep into the Star Wars conspiracy theories.

Luke, as you may know, during the events of The Force Awakens has been in exile for many years, approximately 15 or so years. Why? Well the reason that we are given is that he attempted to train a new generation of Jedi in an effort to bring glory back to the Order of which he had dedicated his life. This attempt to train the newest generation, and to train his nephew Ben Solo, failed...or so we were made to believe.

He has taken his leave to a planet in a mysteriously uncharted portion of the galaxy. The rumor is that he has left his friends and family behind in order to "find the first Jedi Temple". But if he is and has been on this mysterious planet for over a decade, why is he still there? Why has he allowed Ben Solo (Kylo Ren) and Supreme Leader Snoake to rise to become such a powerful force in the Galaxy? Why does he seem to give up on training future Jedi as he himself is the last of the Order? If he truly is the hero that we have been made to think he is, why would he give up and concede victory to the Dark Side? My theory not only validates his status as the Hero the Galaxy needs him to be, it also gives great hope to the future of the Jedi Order.

First, let me back track a bit. If there is one being that has been at the center of the Jedi since before the Phantom Menace...900 years to be exact, it is Yoda. He has been proven to have supreme control of the force and is a formidable weilder of the lightsaber. He has trained, what can only be assumed to be, 100's of Jedi during his long life. Yoda's species is shrouded in mystery and during the first 6 films we are not given any information about his race, his planet, or how his race is tied to the Jedi. We are only ever shown two of his species, Yoda and Yaddle. Yaddle is a female of Yoda's species that is a member of the Jedi council, and can be seen in the Jedi Council chamber in the prequels. What are the chances of that, huh? The only 2 of this species are BOTH force sensitive and BOTH Jedi Masters? That's some coincidence. Or. Is. It?

What if Luke has received information from Force Ghost Yoda on the whereabouts of the First Jedi Temple? And what if this planet just so happens to be the homeworld of Yoda's species? Are THEY the first Jedi? And if so could there be more of his kind?

I believe that Luke has been placed on a mission by Yoda to find and train or be trained by an ancient Jedi.

What possible evidence do I have to support such a claim? Well other than the fact that we know NOTHING about Yoda and his mysterious species, we know NOTHING of the mysterious First Jedi, and we know NOTHING about this mysterious planet in the mysterious uncharted region of space, I have only visual deductions from the final scene in TFA.

Rey, R2D2 and Chewbacca fly the Millennium Falcon to this Planet to find Luke. Upon arrival we see a vast ocean with several rocky emerald islands with what appears to be ancient ruins on them. When Rey exits the Falcon and begins her ascent of the mountainside we see a long staicase made of rocks. The steps seem rather shallow and not very tall. The walls at the top have doorways that, compared to Rey who is not a tall person, are rather small in nature. These ruins seem as though they were built by a small statured race like Yoda and Yaddle's species.

I concede that this theory is far out there, and perhaps I believe it so much because I want answers about Yoda, the First Jedi, and why exactly Luke has abandoned everyone to go "into exile". And as Fans of Star Wars, don't YOU want answers too? These films have been the source of great joy and wonder of our imaginations for decades and this theory is a product of my particularly overactive imagination.

Anyways Thanks for the read. I hope I sparked your imagination.

May the Force be with you.


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