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That's right folks, sleep paralysis is a real occurrence that scientists say will happen to every one of us at least once. However, there are millions of people out there who experience sleep paralysis on a regular basis. And the stories below detail some of those terrifying experiences.

The Science Behind Sleep Paralysis

First, you should know what sleep paralysis is and how it happens. So keeping it simple, sleep paralysis is when your mind wakes up while your body is still asleep. The result is your body being in a complete state of paralysis, meaning you can't move or even breath. This isn't the scariest part yet though. The occurrence is basically a nightmare x 1000. Your mind will start hallucinating the scariest things you could imagine. What makes it worse is your mind obviously knows what scares you. So if you're terrified of ghost, chances are you'll see one standing in the corner of your room, or rocking in the chair next to your bed.

Gosh, I think I'm starting to creep myself out...

The Stories

1. The Old Hag

A common occurrence in the sleep paralysis community is to see an old, ugly looking woman who is usually smiling or trying to choke you. Here's a story from someone who'd experienced what they call, the old hag:

What happened: ''I woke up on my back paralyzed and I swear there was an old lady sitting at the side of my bed just smiling at me. I have never been so terrified.''

Source: Buzzfeed

2. The 911 Attacker

What happened: ''I had a nightmare I was hearing a 911 call of someone being attacked, and woke up to a hallucination of the attacker in my room.''

Source: Buzzfeed

3. ''Michael F***ING Myers!''

What happened: ''The worst for me was the night I had watched a Halloween movie. F***ING Michael Myers was standing over my bed and I couldn't move!!''

Source: Unknown

4. The Black and Red Striped Face

What happened: ''There have been times where I've rolled over over and looked at my boyfriend only to see a black and red striped face looking over his shoulder.''

Source: Buzzfeed

5. The Creepy Shadow Figure

What happened: ''It has only happened once to me and it scared the shit outta me. I was taking a quick nap while my two year old was napping. I 'woke up' to hearing someone open my front door and walk in. The steps came to my door and I saw it open out of the corner of my eye. The whole time I could not move or blink. It stood there for a bit and then closed the door and went to my sons room. That's when I really panicked...''

Source: Reddit

And here's my what my reaction was while reading most of these stories.

But On A Lighter Note...

Sleep Paralysis is all in your mind. And once you realize that, you can actually use it to your benefit. There are many people out there who actually try to deliberately induce sleep paralysis. The reason being because it's an easy ticket to one of the coolest things you could ever accomplish, lucid dreaming. A skill that allows you to do anything you could ever dream of... in your dreams.

That's another article by itself!


Have you ever experienced Sleep Paralysis?


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