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Directed by : M. Night Shyamalan

Starring: Olivia DeJonge, Ed Oxenbould

Signs, The Village, The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable. Science Fiction Horror Wonders. The Films that made M. Night Shyamalan shine immensely in the early 2000s. The Happening, After Earth, Lady in the Water,... The Last Airbender. Is it safe to say Mr. Shyamalan just lacked the magic? Losing all the creative juices and just gave up ever since?

With a conniving, horror pleasure Film such as The Visit, it takes viewers into the chaotic world of Shyamalan that we have missed dearly. Not only is this a mental creep fest, it brings in a fun factor that you can not help but grin at this small surprise that has brought back life to M. Night.

Beginning with a small introduction of Rebecca and Tyler (DeJonge, Oxenbould) who have started recording for film documentary on their grandparents they have never seen, we get small word of their mother's distraught last moment with her parents, whom she has not said one word in fifteen years and find it extremely curious that they've decided to get in contact and have the kids over. Excellent right? No. Just no.

As soon as they make the trip to an isolated Farmhouse and their mother leaving on a cruise, the weirdness factor steadily builds up. We see the duo getting to know their grand kids, with Rebecca being something of a film major, and Tyler a 347 viewed rapper (basically it), making small talk, playing extreme hide and go seek and even a favorite such as Yahtzee.

Three simple rules for the Grand kids:

1. Have a great time! Just do not go in the basement it's filled with toxins

2. Eat everything you can!

3. Bed time is 9:30.

9:30?! Insane you think, but little do these kiddos know... at least he gave you a heads up.

Because the weird factor has already hit ceiling high and is pulsating close to death.

First there's the Nana, running around naked, vomiting, just flat out gone. Oh and trying to kill her grand kids. Great! Then there's the "Pop pop", not as completely crazy, but he seems lost already.

The week goes by, everything is off about the setting, all Tyler and Rebecca want to do is leave. Immediately. Giving warnings to their mother via face time, towards the final night of staying... Turns out it is not in fact the grandparents at all.

Way to go M. Night Shyamalan! Not only did you slightly come back into form, you added your signature twist, and meshed in some minor laughs too!

First thing: I love scary movies. It's where the business is at. I'm a sucker for anything that's found footage or shot in the main character perspective, anything that can give you jump scares. Yes even the Paranormal Activity Series, which to me is just pure fun, but characters you could care less about and want to see dead in the most horrific way ever! Like any slasher film from ten, twenty, or even thirty years ago, The Visit sets up a background story, gives likable characters, maybe someone you can relate too (Rebecca for me), and get fundamental thrills added in the pot.

Now the documentary perspective, that's alright, the story had to come from a direction that made the film as unique as it was. The events that occurred from the moment they arrived to the simplistic cheesy ending, was well planned out, and had scares they made my heart jump out, while my mom points and laughs at me. Woman as much as I love movies like this, I get easily frightened!, so I told her "Maybe my grandma and grandpa are like this". Yeah that did not end well for the both of us, but I had to say something to not look like a coward! Which I am, but anyways!

At first you adore the Grandparents. Oh so sweet, look at them, spiritually feeling like in their 40's, you can not help it but just kind of feel bad for this old couple not having seen younger faces in ages. So what do they? Volunteer work at a counseling facility of course. It's the old person dream.

Seeing this film they just seemed off and I was thinking, there's a twist, of course there is. They're imaginative! Certainly not, how would that movie end. A way would be found. It's them from the future. Well they look somewhat similar maybe... No. Not the right plot. About mid way when I'm gripping on to my couch, getting jump scares from Agent Granny, I just enjoy this film.

It's not every film you see Granny instead of looking innocent look like Michael Myers collided with a spirit from any possessed film, and make me fear my own grandmother! I will never look at her the same. Shyamalan does great work making the cynical two something memorable in 2015. As far as horror movies in general, this did take some notes from less favorable films from recent years. Take "Devil's Due" or any "Paranormal Activity" Films for instance. Ridiculous face palming endings, bizarre character deaths that you can not help but laugh at, and moments of "Uh what the actual flip just happened". But there are strong moments that are cringe worthy, excellent, and plain genuinely horrific. Films such as the "Insidious" Series or "The Cabin in the Woods" makes the villain or plot twist an unforgettable moment, slight nods of humor that make you go "Oh I see what you did there", and scares that make you twitch and make your body not help but want just a little bit more. Anybody else get those weird vibes where you hated the scare but are just begging for me? ... Moving on.

It's a great late night, watch out for old folks success. M. Night Shyamalan is beginning to get his estranged senses back, and what might be a spark of horror, building up for years to come, The Visit is a Fairy tale Peril of wonderful Triumph. Now go play and hug your grandparents. Just watch for the motions and devilish things they can do.


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