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This article is about the mystery fighter of universe 7. At the end of the chapter 6 Beerus hinted about the mystery fighter who is stronger than Goku. Since, then in the Dragon Ball community he was the most talked about fighter!I mean all of a sudden Beerus declares there’s going to be another fighter in his team and that fighter is stronger than even Goku. Everyone was like what! Who could be this guy we never heard of! What could be his race?

Assumptions were all over the place. Many fans thought this could be an occasion to re-introduce some old underused characters like Bardock, Broly or Future Trunks. Of course all these names popped up because these characters are fan favorite types. But, most of us here could assume that Akira Toriyama was going to introduce a new character. Since, he mentioned many times before that Dragon Ball Super’s main focus will be introducing new characters.

We all were ready for a surprise. Then on chapter 7, the mystery was finally revealed. And I bet every single fan was surprised to see the fighter. The guy who is stronger than Goku turns out to be a reddish little guy with big nipples. Maybe the weirdest Dragon Ball character ever keeping in mind his powers; though I love muscular characters I had in mind that we may get a smaller character. Because, if you observe Dragon Ball doesn’t bring too many muscular characters these days, even Beerus and Whis aren’t muscular.

But, this! Woah man! I admit Toriyama surprised me absolutely! I just never imagined a character so weird with the main feature being big nipples. The name of the mystery fighter is Monaca. He is a short red alien from Planet Wagashi. In-fact he is the hero of planet Wagashi. And is the strongest opponent Beerus ever faced apart from Whis. He wears a green suit and white shoes. Whis said the name Monaca means the ‘He of Great Ponta’. When Goku asked Monaca what Ponta means he cleared that Ponta means nipples and that he had big nipples. This is super weird man! Super weird! Will he end up gaining powers with nipples and throwing beams and stuff! Hahaha

Though, majority of the fans are disappointed with Monaka. I am on the positive side. I mean Toriyama decides to bring a completely different character. Let’s wait and see what happens. He surely has some plans. Besides, Monaca could transform into something epic. Even the attire Monaca wears appears to me as something that was made expandable. So, he could get really big. Or it could be that his powers are different kind of psychic abilities or based on ki’s. In that case size and shape won’t matter. What I am thinking is this guy could have some crazy tricks that can make a strong opponent look like nothing. Dragon Ball characters tend to transform a lot. For example Frieza’s first form was not very terrifying. But, then his second and third transformations made him huge. And though his Final form was small by then we knew about his powers and the form was cool anyway.

Whis said- ‘Monaca San is a hero in the planet Wagashi, His home of origin. The people there are very docile and kind. But their true power is such that once they bear their fang. Even Beerus sama would have difficult time trying to corral them’

Damn it Monaca! Where were you when Buu was planning to destroy the universe? King Kai should have found you.

So, from the statement it appears me that Monaca would have like an average power in normal state. But, when his rage is awaken or under a particular serious situation his powers can increase beyond limits. So, if he changes into something completely different that wouldn’t be surprising either.

Like Picollo said about Monaca- ‘Getting Caught off Guard Because Of His Outward Appearance. That Could Be Something He Lulls His Opponents With. ‘

As Vegeta replied ‘I know looks can be deceiving but... sheesh’.

So, let’s be a bit more optimistic. He is unique and unique is good. You never know what’s next.

Besides, we got at-least 2 very cool characters on chapter 7. You might not be realizing that reading the Manga. But, if you look carefully Heat was designed in a way that it appears he has some important roles. No doubt that he looks cool and strong and leader like. Also frost looks amazing. ( Analysis video on Frost - )



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