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I'm a Fan Theorist. I give ridiculous predictions for movies and TV shows. I'd like to call them "Ridictable Theories"!
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“There has been an awakening have you felt it?” There has also been rumors have you felt those?

One of the rumors that has been going around about Star Wars VII The Force Awakens is that Supreme Leader Snoke is Darth Plagueis. As radical as that sounds I would have to disagree. With this post I would like to explain who Supreme Leader Snoke truly is in the new Star Wars Trilogy.

But before I dive into that, let's go back to one of the first mentionings of Darth Plagueis.

If you remember the dialogue between Senator Palpatine and Anakin Skywalker, Palpatine never mentioned the name of the assassin who killed Darth Plagueis. He just said that Darth Plagueis’ apprentice killed him in his sleep. One would assume from Palpatine’s hints that Palpatine was Darth Plagueis’ apprentice, but I honestly think The Apprentice is Snoke!

Here is why:

After some odd years after the first Star Wars films there began an EU aka an Expanded Universe of series of books that told us what happened to the Skywalker bloodline.

When The Force Awakens was in development, theories arose about Han and Leia’s kids and even about Luke's whereabouts. Some people were even guessing that the new movies were going to be based on the books. Well… right there you would be dead wrong! It was said that the books, based on the Star Wars characters, are not going to be canon in the big screen. That being said, forget everything you knew about the books and be amazed for something new!

Here is what I think Snoke’s role is in the new Star Wars Trilogy. Like I mentioned before I believe Snoke is Darth Plagueis’s apprentice and Snoke was Darth Sidious’ master! This would make for a really cool twist in the franchise. Not to mention throw Fanboys all for a loop! Because if you think about it, Darth Vader wanted his son Luke to join him so that they could defeat the Emperor. Vader's love for his son gave him the push he needed to throw the Emperor down that shaft.

What if Snoke wanted Palpatine to join him so that they could kill Darth Plagueis? Then that would mean the only way to kill a powerful Sith is to double team him with “a master and an apprentice”. I'm betting that's what happened! After both Snoke and Palpatine killed Plagueis, Palpatine wanted all the power to himself so he tried to kill Snoke. Snoke managed to escape within an inch of his life. Palpatine thinks that he actually killed Snoke, but it was all an illusion.

Over the years Snoke has not only been hiding, but has been trying to regain his power that he lost by feeding off the energy of the Skywalkers like a parasite… starting with Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo!

Now let's go back to Kylo Ren. What if when he was fighting Rey and telling her that she “...[needed] a teacher...” and that he would “...teach [her] the ways of the Force!” His purpose was to kill Snoke, but he can't do it a lone. Going back to what I said, in order to kill a powerful Sith, you would need “a master and an apprentice.” This would be cool to see pan out in Episode VIII!

What do you think about this theory? Is the Force strong with this one or am I just a Scruffy looking Nerf Herder?

Let me know in the comments below!


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