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Star Wars. A legacy. A saga. A franchise unlike any other. A story I thought had nothing left to give. A definite movie marathon I was going to force my future kids to watch so they could bask in the pure perfection that was Star Wars and absorb it's greatness.

When I discovered in 2013 that Star Wars was being taken over by Disney and releasing another trilogy, the kid in me leap out and I could not contain my excitement.

Fast forward 2 years, and there I was, reclined back in a dark theater, waiting. Then all of a sudden, a blast of John Willams' ever so famous score of "DUN DUN DUNDUNDUN DUN DUN" bounced over all the walls and echoed within me. The scrolling text in space wrote out STAR WARS VII: THE FORCE AWAKENS. I could not believe that after years of waiting, Star Wars came back into my life.

The movie was magnificent, as expected. No flaws to be found. The only thing left were questions, and the biggest question left unanswered was: Who is Rey?

Rey was presented to us as a scavenger with remarkable piloting skills and a strong sense of will power and drive. Her birth parents are unknown and she was left on Jakku with no hint of who she was. All we know now is that she is an incredibly powerful Jedi with powers leaps and bounds over Kylo Ren's, and that's after mere hours of the force "awakening" in her. As of who she is, I have heard several theories:

  • 1. She's Luke's daughter
  • 2. She's Han and Leia's daughter
  • 3. She's a Kenobi
  • 4. She's Anakin reborn

After watching this movie, every clue presented points that Rey is Luke's daughter, or a Skywalker of some kind. Luke's lightsaber calls to her, she's a skilled pilot and mechanic, she's strong with the force, Leia's long embrace before she leaves, and R2D2 happens to wake up once she arrives on base. My only issue with this is that Star Wars is renowned for having one of the biggest plot twists in history: that Darth Vader is Luke's father. Do we really think that Disney would tarnish this by making it blatantly obvious that she's Luke's kid? It would be a fantastic twist in the story, but if it turned to be true, I think the audience, myself included, would be disappointed that her story line was that predictable.

Also, I don't believe she's a Solo. Yes, Leia is a Skywalker, but she is not very strong with the force. Therefore, how could she give birth to Rey, who is the strongest Jedi presented in the story? Yes, she gave birth to Ben (Kylo Ren), but Rey is already shown to be much stronger than Kylo in her triumph over him. Kylo is only as strong as he is because he trained with Luke and then with the Knights of Ren on the Dark Side with Snoke. Another reasoning for her not to be a Solo is that as the movie progressed, Han seemed more and more disconnected to Rey. At first, even I was screaming "She's a Solo!" However, Han's connection with her was more out of respect due to her piloting skills.

One of the more interesting theories is that Rey is a Kenobi. There is some evidence that the Kenobi's have something to do with the saga because when Rey interacts with the lightsaber, you hear both young and old Obi Wan Kenobi speaking to her. Also, her [British] accent is different from the rest of the cast. This was a purposeful act done in the production of the film because the actor who portrays Finn (John Boyega) is British, but speaks with an American accent in the film. Why stop his accent and use hers? The only Jedi character in the original trilogy with a British accent was Obi Wan, and in the prequels the regals and Jedi spoke with these same accents. Now I'm not saying she's Obi Wan's daughter because she's far too young, but maybe a decendant. There is much that we don't know about Obi Wan, so he could have broken the Jedi code and had relationships with women. A final clue that could make us believe she is a Kenobi is that she used the Jedi mind trick successfully. This could have just been a nostalgia moment for old fans to reminisce on old Ben tricking the Stormtroopers, but he is also the only character to use that trick in the series. Just some food for thought on that one.

Fourthly, I heard a bizarre theory that Rey could be the reincarnation of Anakin Skywalker. At first I though "what the f*** were these people smoking when they came up with that," but hear me out. Anakin was born of the force because he was fatherless according to the mother. He was destined to bring balance to the force. He was a great pilot (there is also a scene where we see Rey out on an oversized rebel helmet; and in Episode I we can remember young Anakin doing the same).

He also was incredibly strong with the force, just like Rey. Therefore, what if Rey was born like Anakin, fatherless, and strong with the force to bring balance back. Maybe she trained as a youngling in the Jedi order by Luke? Then, what if she was dropped on Jakku by Luke to protect her from the Knights of Ren and Snoke, and he's the one to return to her on Jakku? Maybe that's why she recalls the Knights of Ren and Luke in a midst of fire when she is called to the lightsaber? It's all just a blocked memory that's slowly being unwound by Rey as she becomes stronger with the force.

Out of of the four theories I've seen, they could all take a turn and be correct. However, I would love to see her be a Kenobi, or maybe even be a reincarnation of Anakin. There is one other theory though that I would be proud to see:

What if Rey was a nobody? Just an average person with a messed up backstory who turns it around and becomes the hero? Rey is the empowered badass Disney Princess that the girls should be able to look up to. If there is no crazy connection for her background and she is just an average girl, people everywhere could think "huh, I could be the hero." Now, not everyone is this destined hero to bring peace on earth, but everyone is a hero in their own way. So what if Rey is just a girl who finds her path to heroism? It's a highly unprobably outcome given the nature of Star Wars, but it's not one to fully disregard either.

Now I ask myself at the end of all this thinking is "Why the hell do I care so much about a fictional character?" In this day and age, everything has a reasoning, and when we don't have reason, panic breaks out. That's why as a society, we have been going bonkers trying to impatiently figure out who Rey is. There has to be a reason why she's our main hero. There has to be an explanation to why she's so special. We just can't figure out why.


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