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So after months and months of Grimm showrunners David Greenwalt and James Kouf telling us that there was no way in hell that Juliette Silverton (Bitsie Tulloch) was coming back from the dead, the mid-season finale episode went and threw a pipe bomb into the mix in the form of the mysterious Eve (... also Bitsie Tulloch).

At the cliffhanger conclusion of episode six of Grimm Season 5 - Wesen Nacht - a mysterious figure swooped in from the shadows to save Nick's ass from Black Claw. The figure stepped out of the shadows, and... "Juliette?" Nick whispered.

And she's rocking that wig.
And she's rocking that wig.

Yep, Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli)'s girlfriend turned hexenbiest turned dead-hexenbiest is back! Or is she?

Who Is Eve?

As things tend to go with Grimm however, things are never quite what they seem. And so co-show-creator David Greenwalt has been quick to clarify that he's sticking to his word; Juliette is still dead:

"To keep my word, [Juliette] is dead. She’s coming back, but it’s not really Juliette anymore. It’s this new character, Eve, who has not been brainwashed exactly, but she’s been through some incredibly tough training where they broke her down to nothing. She’s basically a super Hexenbiest weapon for Hadrian’s Wall to fight Black Claw."

The return of Juliette has been a popular theory in the fandom ever since the love of Nick's life was shot dead via crossbow courtesy of Grimm protégé Theresa "Trubel" Rubel (Jacqueline Toboni) during the emotional Season 4 finale.

Juliette is killed to save Nick's life.
Juliette is killed to save Nick's life.

And now we know for sure, yes, Tulloch is back. But she's not the Juliette we knew and had mixed feelings towards. Nope, this is Eve, a mysterious and pretty darn badass woman working with Hadrian’s Wall.

But, What About Juliette?

Grimm Season 5 is set to continue with the darker take on Bitsie Tulloch's character, which started creeping in during Seasons 3 and 4, bringing her back as Eve - a woman who has all of Juliette’s memories, but none of her emotions.

And as you would expect, bringing her back at this juncture is going to have massive ramifications for Nick. Because even if she technically isn't Juliette, how do you react when the love of your life seemingly returns from the dead?

Not like this, apparently.
Not like this, apparently.

Even with all the other weird stuff Nick's seen, this is bound to throw a few more spanners into the works, and Greenwalt has teased a "big scene" between the two reunited lovers for the next episode, Eve of Destruction.

"[Eve] has a big scene with Nick in Episode 7, and she’s just a completely different person who doesn’t even relate to Juliette anymore — because, to her, Juliette’s dead. [But] she knows who Nick is, she knows what happened, and it all gets explained, what happened the night that Trubel shot her in the chest and neck with the arrows."

And, Nick And Adalind?

Of course, many fans had hoped to see a relationship of a more than friendly nature growing between Nick and Adalind (Claire Coffee), especially now that Juliette was out of the picture and - oh yeah - Adalind and Nick now have a child together.

Greenwalt: "[The Nick-Adalind relationship] is going to have a life of its own with out the Juliette/Eve [aspect], because they have a kid."
Kouf: "But there’s a lot of other complicated things that are going on that will determine how that relationship works out."

But I wouldn't hold your breath for seeing these two particular star crossed lovers getting together, as the show creators have confirmed that Eve isn't going anywhere in the near future.

Nick, Adalind and their son, Kelly Schade-Burkhardt
Nick, Adalind and their son, Kelly Schade-Burkhardt

Greenwalt tells us that Eve will appear in every episode in the second half of the season, whilst Kouf clarifies that she won't always be "part of the gang". Does this mean she'll be working against Nick et al?

This could also be bad news for Adalind, because even if Eve doesn't have the same emotions anymore she does still remember everything that happened - including Adalind tricking her boyfriend into sleeping with her and getting her pregnant and, oh yeah, being the one who started the chain of events that led to Juliette's "death" in the first place. Thanks Adalind.

One thing is for sure though, all hell is about to break loose when Grimm returns for the second half of Season 5 later this month.

Eve of Destruction - the seventh episode of Grimm Season 5 - is scheduled to air on January 22, 2016 on NBC.


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