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I'd love to make a meat pun here, but I'd probably just butcher it. So how about an alliterative aphorism instead: meat is murder. Or rather, in the case of the arcade-style horror game Goodnight Butcher, meat is murderer. At least, processing the red stuff will quite probably lead to your own death... possibly committed by the specters that haunt your own mind. It's all very complicated, so how about a synopsis to clear things up:

It’s the graveyard shift at Happy Knife Co. You’re a butcher working the night shift at a run-down meat shop, but you’re not alone. You must use machines found throughout the butchery to saw, chop, grind, mince, and otherwise prepare meat for tomorrow’s customers, while avoiding the terrifying apparitions which haunt the old building, or perhaps your own mind.

And why not check out the trailer below:

The really impressive thing about Goodnight Butcher is the fact that it was made by just two people over six months. It includes 13 detailed rooms to explore, butchery processes based on real world practices (so it's educational!) and a scarily tough 'Nightmare Mode' for those brave enough.

Goodnight Butcher is available now on Steam.

[Source: Steam]


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