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It's finally happening, Big Bang Theory fans, Meemaw is coming to visit her Moonpie!

After being on the air for nine seasons, The Big Bang Theory has finally cast Nebraska actress June Squibb in the role of Sheldon Cooper's grandma, Meemaw. Entertainment Weekly reports that Meemaw is set to finally appear in an episode of the series in February, leading me to think that she might be involved in the series 200th episode, which is set to air on February 11th.

June Squibb will play Meemaw in The Big Bang Theory
June Squibb will play Meemaw in The Big Bang Theory

In the show, Meemaw is Sheldon's favorite living family member, and is, as Penny learned the hard way, the only one allowed to call him by the nickname 'Moonpie.' Meemaw has been mentioned in several episodes over the years, and Sheldon's love for her has even exploited in several episodes, including by Howard and Raj when the three of them compete for the Lord of the Rings movie prop.

The Big Bang Theory is currently on a midseason hiatus, but is set to return to CBS on January 7th with episode 12.

Source: Comicbook via EW


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