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(Warning - the following is pretty much entirely made up of SPOILERS for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. If you haven't yet seen the movie, then be sure to recall Taylor Swift's sage words to Yoda: "Say I didn't say I didn't warn ya, do not...")

Now, with the sheer quantity of fan theories that have emerged in the immediate vicinity of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens over the past few weeks, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the sheer weight of rumor would cause all speculation to collapse in on itself, leaving only a dust cloud of frantic impatience for the next installment of the saga.

That, however, isn't actually likely to happen anytime soon, so in the meantime, it's probably time to start carefully analyzing Episode VII for what it might have to tell us about... well, anything.

Let's start with a question that might just have a huge amount of importance in the near future - and even if it doesn't, is surely a helpful tool in one particularly popular fan debate. That question?

Just How Similar are Rey and Luke?

After all, not only are the two heavily rumored to be closely related (both father and daughter and uncle and niece have been widely suggested), but the question of which original 'big three' hero Rey matches up best to is inevitably a source of much fan argument.

Let's take a closer look then. For starters...

They're Both Teenagers Who Were Dumped on a Desert Planet as a Kid

Now, sure, Rey is a heck of a lot less whiny about it than Luke was, but then again she also had to be, seeing as she apparently spent most of her formative years fending for herself in an unforgiving wasteland, rather than helping out on a moisture farm.

They're Both Incredibly Talented Pilots

Now, sure, Rey seems the more talented of the two, but it's notable that both pull off piloting tricks (learning to fly a Millennium Falcon in two or three seconds/destroying a Death Star) that are way beyond their expected level of ability.

They Both End Up (Semi-Reluctantly) Fighting an Evil Empire...

While neither Luke nor Rey was necessarily passionate about fighting evil-doers to begin with (with Luke toying with actually joining the Imperial Academy, and Rey desperate to return to Jakku), they both sure did help to kill a whole lot of them.

...All Because of a Small Cute Droid Hiding Important Data

BB-8, meet R2-D2. You kind of stole his bit.

They Both End Up Teaming Up With a Reluctant Han Solo

Who, in both cases, owed a crime boss a bunch of money, and ended up getting them caught in an Imperial trap.

What's more...

They're Both Super Quick Learners

Just take a look at how quickly they both worked out how to kick ass with a lightsaber.

...As Well as Excellent Prison Escape-Organizers

Though, admittedly, Rey is clearly better at it than Luke, managing to break herself out without falling into a trash compactor once.

And, of course, most importantly of all...

They're Both Jedi as Hell

Like both of their fathers before them, just possibly?

All of Which Means... What Exactly?

Well, it might - might - just hint at a (long-rumored) father/daughter relationship between the two, with the pair's similarities representing not only a genetic inheritance of skills (and, of course, midi-chlorians) but also perhaps an intentional mirroring of their paths to the force on the part of whoever left Rey on Jakku.

Alternatively, it could simply be part of the seemingly very intentional mirroring of the original trilogy by J.J. Abrams, with Rey's similarities to Luke being intended to act as a mythological refraction of the original story. In that reading, she would be more a re-imagining of Luke than a narrative successor - with Finn and Poe splitting the roles of Han and Leia between them.

Or, y'know, they might just both be really good at stuff and happen to come from the desert.

Either way, it might be time for that fourth (eighth) trip to see Episode VII...

What do you reckon?



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