ByMegan Jena Lunelli Adam, writer at
Omg. Cannot believe I just said Gilmore girls reboot. I absolutely love this show. I have watched the whole series over and over. And was so sad to see it end. Even my husband that isnt to fond of most of my " chick flicks" would sit with me rooting on Lorelei and Luke. And getting mad when Rory dumped Dean for Jess. To hear it could be coming back is so amazing. And some things I would love to see is the girls back together. The same sarcastic duo, and their ass of a mother/ grandmother. Silly sookie and her adorable family , Luke of course. Cause whats Lorelei without lukes coffee everyday? I would honestly love to see a wedding with luke and Lorelei. And maybe a baby happen. Shes such an amazing mother and she needs more offspring. Let's see Rory go to her big paper and fall in love see what happens from there. Maybe Lorelei becomes a glamma. Of course not before Rory is super famous with her writing. They definitely need to incorporate Richard's untimely death. And how Emily takes it. I do know for sure. This show wouldn't be Gilmore girls. Without the original cast or as much of it as possible. WHOOO LETS GO GILMORE GIRLS LETS BRING THEM BACK!!!

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